Proposal: Update Sort Order & Add Webhook Integration on

Background, our governance forum built on the robust and customizable Discourse platform, currently defaults to the “Latest” view. This configuration often results in new posts being quickly buried, making it difficult for the community to discover and engage with fresh content. Moreover, there is no automated system to broadcast new proposals to our Discord community and subreddit, significantly limiting the forum’s reach and engagement.


  1. Change Default Sort Order:
  • Modify the default sort order from “Latest” to “Creation Date” or “Hot.”
  • By doing this we will ensure that the newest or alternatively most relevant and engaging posts are more visible to users, improving overall interaction and participation.
  1. Enable Webhook Integration:
  • Enable webhook integration to broadcast new proposals directly to our Discord server and the r/JupiterExchange subreddit.
  • This integration will automatically send notifications to a designated channel on Discord whenever a new proposal is posted on
  • The broadcast should include the proposal title, a brief summary, and a link to the full proposal on
  • Integration on the Reddit side can be handled by the Jupiter Reddit Working Group provided we allowed to also use the webhook integration.


  • Improved Visibility: Changing the sort order will highlight the most engaging content, ensuring that valuable discussions are not overlooked.
  • Increased Engagement: Webhook integration will help keep our Discord and Reddit community informed about new proposals, driving more traffic and engagement to the platform.
  • Streamlined Communication: Automated notifications will ensure that all members are aware of new proposals without relying on manual updates.


  • Technical Requirements:
    • Modify the default sort order settings in the backend.
    • For custom sort by creation date on home page, a custom script will be required, as it isn’t natively supported.
    • Set up webhook integration to communicate with Discord.
  • Timeline:
    • The proposed changes could be implemented within the next 24 - 48 hours, if team is unsure of how to implement change I’d be happy to guide them as I have some experience with discource and implementing those exact changes.


Adopting these changes will enhance the user experience on by making new and relevant posts more accessible and by integrating our platform more closely with our Discord community. This proposal aims to foster greater engagement and streamline communication within our community.

Discussion Points:

  • Do we prefer “Creation Date” or “Hot” for the new default sort order?
  • Which Discord channel should receive the webhook notifications?

Looking forward to any feedback and support for this proposal :smiley:


I’d say Hot is better for seeing what’s being discussed right now. But this is desperately needed. Jupresearch is not a great DAO forum and I’ll take any changes for the better imo.

You cannot embed video or pdfs properly either. Supposedly you can use html embeds, but for the most part they don’t work regardless.


You should have almost split the proposals because they are so different in nature and make for separate good content.

Sort Order:
I am one of the traditionals here, not saying I am right. I personally prefer “latest” as I am a completionist and want to catch updates. But I know others prefer “hot” and I get why, although often the algorithm to determine “hot” is super flawed and I do not agree with the definition.
If anything, like twitter I would not set it to one way of doing it, but give every user the option to choose which of the 3 “Latest” to “Creation Date” or “Hot” he prefers.

See here is why I think it should be split, as prior point is for debate and this is not. Hey OF COURSE we need webhook integration. Discord has the best utility, so use it. To not clutter the (honestly already cluttered) Discord too much, I do not see many options, as pushing it on an existing channel might swamp it. Give it a own Jupresearch feed channels and have the webhook integration spit fire into that channel, everyone can decide to mute it or not.


100% agree that the algorithm needs a refresher!

The forum isn’t great either…


I agree with being able to upload pdfs. But I can understand if the decission was made intentionally for security reasons.


for sure. i think we all agree the site is tough to navigate in its current state.