Proposal: Talent Recruitment WG

Comment for visibility reasons. I believe this would be a huge asset to the Jupiter ecosystem, and something that should be discussed further.

I see it as a two-pronged approach where you first and foremost work to secure the appropriate talent for the appropriate roles, but also put candidates in touch with one another with the ultimate goal of work-shopping and building on their skillsets.

Particularly I would like this to highlight our CoCs and helping those who want to be more involved to get there. I believe there was a big discussion on how to give more opportunities to CoCs who want to be involved, and I think this would be a great start.

Edit; For vanity reasons I should mention that I made this comment before getting CoC myself, lol


I’ve made a few attempts at submitting a talent profile. Just can’t seem to get it to work in any browser.

So I will offer my help here. I’m egar to make a difference and step up to help make Jupiter even better.

Feel free to DM me, my CV is here waiting for you.

All the best!


@Rustymilk could you @ opacks in the discord to get that fixed(if it isn’t already)

Hi Mirea and the Talent Recruitment Team,

We’re interested in showcasing your proposal and would love to have you on the JUP and Juice podcast to discuss it!

If you’re interested, reach out to “saxweb3” (devID: 1259981124030173216) or “wake5” (devID: 127776013848412160) on Discord.

Or DM “saxweb3” or “wakegmi” on X.

(Please ensure you use the correct contact information, double check devIDs and twitter handle spelling, don’t get scammed. We will never ask for money, seed phrases or private information).

Alternatively you can fill out this form on Jup Eco:

Look forward to hearing from you,

JUP and Juice Podcast

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