Proposal: Talent Recruitment WG

Proposal: Talent Recruitment Working Group

Find the best talent/best fit within the community to work for the interests of the DAO

Why we need this:
The Jupiter DAO has enormous untapped potential within the community. I believe there are talented people who may not be as extroverted or assertive, but have the skills and want to work. Maybe some people have made some noise, but it gets lost in the crowd of chats and posts. It’s crucial that we create a level playing field where everyone feels they have a shot at making a difference.

Many working groups require some sort of recruitment process that they plan to develop. Having an unbiased focused “3rd party” build this out, help screen, and forward applicants would be helpful to everyone and reduce redundant work while increasing alignment. The open calls would reach more people beyond the circles we personally know, and potentially discover hidden gems of talent. As stated before, we will need many working groups to handle all sorts of things so the establishment of a group like this relatively early on would be beneficial.


  1. Translate the needs of current and proposed working groups into calls for talent

    • Understand competencies and qualifications required for WG goals
    • Customize candidate evaluation processes to needs and preferences of WGs
    • Create recruitment posts, mini “job descriptions”, casting calls, contests
  2. Make recruitment open, transparent, and accessible to all DAO members

    • Broadcast recruitment to entire DAO - leverage existing communities and sites
    • Have an open recruitment page with openings and updates
    • Various recruitment communication efforts - posts, tweets, newsletter
  3. Promote unbiased merit-based selection, inclusivity, and diversity

    • Experience and skills based selection
    • Assess portfolios/resumes, prior work
    • Challenges or competitions, gamification
  4. Establish a Talent Community where members can sign up to volunteer their expertise

    • Create a form or other system for willing volunteers
    • Manage talent pool for current and future opportunities

Initial Plan of Action:

A. Planning and Preparation

  • :white_check_mark: Identify roles/responsibilities and find collaborators for the group
  • :white_small_square: Discuss with working groups re talent needs - started but need to do this further!
  • :white_check_mark: Identify essential fields of information for recruitment related forms and profiles
  • :white_check_mark: Research best platforms, processes, and practices

B. Design Drafts

  • :white_check_mark: Begin drafting content for the forms, systems, posts, and website
  • :white_check_mark: Design layout and format that’s effective, aesthetically pleasing
  • :white_check_mark: Develop mockups and review
  • :white_check_mark: Post and receive community feedback
  • :white_check_mark: Design flowchart for information and screening process

C. Development and Testing (v1!)

  • :white_check_mark: Build the actual forms and website page/s
  • :white_check_mark: Prepare the info/profile management system
  • :white_small_square: Make content regarding processes, guidelines, CTAs
  • :white_small_square: Test functionality and user-friendliness, gather feedback

D. Deployment & Launch
E. Continuous Improvement

Other potential expanded goals:

  • Help form new WGs based on talent found - connect strangers with similar skill sets or interests
  • Showcase talent - have a place where DAO members can showcase artworks, music, etc.
  • Training and development - pool of members willing to share knowledge, connect with WGs that handle events/community development
  • Reduce redundancy, increase alignment - align existing WGs and foster collaboration

Deliverables - as of May 14 update!

  • POC Website v1.5 -
    We’re still cooking, it’s a WIP!
    Core functions working - creating talent profiles, job listings + receiving applications
    Log in with Discord/X to prove you’re a person, avoid spam submissions
    Placeholders for WG intros and job descriptions for now
    Now with database and metrics dashboard in bg

  • Forms & Templates
    Talent Profile - capturing areas of expertise, experience, interests/hobbies, languages, timezones, socials, and a summary/introduction + place to upload resume/portfolio
    Job Listings
    Application Form - general for now, to be customized to specific WG needs
    Job Descriptions - currently simple: WG Intro, Responsibilities, Requirements

  • Processes
    Conventional Hiring Flowchart + Hiring by Contest completed
    Brainstorming for other alternative processes that may be a better culture fit - Blind Hiring, Gamification

  • Content
    Talent Community flyer created
    Mission and Team Info drafted
    FAQs written, but to be confirmed with Team
    CTAs drafted - fun cat puns and space puns!
    Newsletter to be brainstormed on

Meet the Team:
driven and agile - fully dedicated to serve the community’s talent needs!
Mirea - Project Lead, Content
Opacks - Community Liaison, Graphics
Kongnificent - HR, Recruitment Specialist
Yuqi - Full Stack Developer
AG - Project Consultant

Recruitment Needs & Testers:
Please reach out if you have recruitment needs (let’s talk about an ideal process for you guys), or as a talent what sort of info you’d be willing (and not willing!) to provide.

Fill out a talent profile here! Let us know what you can do: Talent Profile

This is a working document and changes/edits are regularly being made to reflect updates and new inputs!


This could work extremely well with the proposed “Ecosystem Legends” system outlined by the trial Jup.Eco group.

Following :eyes:


Yes I think this would be a phenomenal idea. There are definitely some talented individuals within the community and this type of talent facilitation will only help Jupiter reach its goals faster.

I will gladly volunteer some of my HR knowledge. I propose we use Avature or SAP as a Candidate Management System. We can easily create job requisitions with either software and track candidates throughout the hiring process.

Hiring Process would look as follows:

  1. Candidate applies to open job position. Job positions are posted in its own category in discord (#JUPositions)

  2. Qualified candidates will have interviews conducted through Discord calls.

  3. Those that are selected through the interview process are awarded the contract for the position. Once the contract is signed the candidate would fill out onboarding and I-9 paperwork.

  4. Lastly, the new JUP employee is orientated and trained about JUP culture and job expectations.

If you want to run audits and care about analytics I think Avature is the better CMS. If you want simplicity and software that’s easier to use, you go with SAP.

I think this is a good working start. We can easily post the open positions to other sites like Indeed but I think discord or through is the best way to get our most active members.

I love the idea of promoting merit based selection, inclusivity and diversity. Keeping those goals in mind can only be a winning formula! :trophy: :medal_sports:

I will gladly help orient individuals on either CMS program. DM on discord if you would like my help!

Great plan. I think Zealy (former Crew3) can help us with tasks

Will send you a friend req on Discord! Would love to pick your brain on this.

Awesome! Read the proposal and spoke with antimatter yesterday.

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Agree, we need talent to translate the DAO proposal and some news from Jupiter team on twitter to different language.

Many people still though that only vote for highest vote can get the rewards and airdrop.


Would love some input & feedback from future users - I’ve got my own thoughts on these but if you’re interested to discuss please hit me up!

Sample points to ponder:
For WGs (existing, trial, proposed/future): What would be your ideal process for submitting a talent need to us?

Talents : As a talent what sort of info would you be UNwilling to provide?
How do we pursue diversity in a space that’s much more private about personal information?

Call for testers: Let me know if you’re willing to fill up some test talent profiles or apply to dummy opp listings in the future :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Came here to leave a reply, as advised by @Opacks! :slight_smile:


Hello @AG42

Appreciate you taking a look into the proposal. Hoping to have collaboration with you!

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2 team working sessions done, some contributors found
great progress on phase A - planning & prep, roles & responsibilities
created rough visual flow and outline for website, documented webpage needs

need to meet with other WGs to gather requirements/ideal process on hiring side
working on templates today - standard templates will not work in this space, need to reconsider and tweak

Planned Deliverables
Website - core functions working
Opportunities & Talent Database

Application Form
Talent Pool Profile Form
Job Description Template

Recruitment Process Flowchart
Hiring Request Flowchart

Introduction, About Us, FAQs, Call for Talent/Announcements drafts, JDs, etc

have some fun recruitment call to action cat puns as a treat:

  • Purr-sue your dreams with us! Join our talent community today!
  • Meowch, scorching hot new opportunity up!
  • Cat-ch this opportunity before it’s gone! Apply meow!

Timeline TBD


This is a much-needed work group, as the ‘gardeners’ of Jupiter’s ecosystem grow and bloom in their contributions to ‘growing the pie’ (sorry if I have mixed my metaphors there)! Anyway, I like the ethos behind this (open and fair) as well as logic of finding Jupiter’s hidden talent. As the proposal outlines, some members of the community are more timid (yet often, the quieter ones are more talented than the noisy ones). This proposal ensures that the cream rises to the top as it opens the opportunity for members to apply for positions and opportunities (paid and/or unpaid) of those who have much to offer. Having worked within the sphere of research for over 20 years, and delved into HR matters at large organizational level, this proposal would be best served by looking into a software system that can be ‘tweaked’ to meet Jupiter’s specific needs. Kongnificent mentioned two possible systems, there are others aswell. A cost-benefit assessment (if a budget is in mind) would help nail down which to use. This would be the base upon which to build. I am open (services offered gratis) to volunteer in discussions, assist with template drafts, be a guinea pig for test forms, profiles etc and carry out research, e.g. say you said, doc:J, we have a 2k budget to get a software system, test it for 3 months, go write a report on which we should go for and why (we will give you a list of critical things we need), you have 4 days to deliver it. Then I am good with that etc. Anyway, this looks really good and I would be happy to assist in supporting this proposal.


hey doc! glad to hear it, and love those metaphors - gardens can grow fruit and make pie right? haha I think we’re definitely aligned on what the proposal aspires to be.

would love to connect on discord :slight_smile: can’t add you on there!


Looking forward to this proposal. Good luck papis!


I am willing to fill up the test talent profile or you need to apply dummy job listing :slight_smile:

Just let me know any test you are needed


Hey yagami! Great to hear from you and perfect timing - v1 of our website is up :slight_smile:
You can test the Create a Profile, and we have some dummy job listings here!


real quick wanna just call out that it sounds like your background is enterprise… we def don’t need something like SAP to be managing an applicant/talent pool. Not only because of the exorbitant cost, but because we need to think about it from a more flexible POV re: stakeholders and contributors.

Like imagine the most annoying founding team to work for as an A-round startup HR lead… it will be 5x more chaotic and unaccountable. Just fair warning coming from a 2x Head of People at companies with similar chaos around them. Enterprise CMS/ATS tools are too rigid for this and will piss people off, justifiably so.

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Forgot this had been proposed but IMO this is generally what we should have done first instead of aimlessly launching into “idea-based” WG proposals, so details aside, I support it. I have some pushback re: statements & priorities listed here but I’ll save that minutiae for discord or DMs.

Most important to me:
Having a vetted & interested talent pool would likely improve & democratize the WG proposals, as it would allow us to separate proposals from their authors (which I and others have said several times is necessary until de facto “for” voter bias gets fixed).

Got a WG proposal? Cool. Jup community has the talent to polish it & take up the work. Maybe you’ll be involved, maybe not… you already have an inside track as the author of the idea. But by adding a phase where the talent pool can handraise to apply for the roles, we succeed in creating pressure for the idea to be good - because if no one from the talent pool is interested, you’re likely not gonna get traction. :+1:


hey there! happy to hear out the pushbacks! :slight_smile: we can talk on Discord for sure, welcome to go through my other working docs if you’d like haha.

Currently also have the Talent Community/talent pool as the higher priority - which is why the TC CTA is up top on our v1 website. This proposal doesn’t really reflect that in a written way :sweat_smile:

I agree that ideas should have some separation from the idea submitter - there’s that humility that maybe you won’t be the best person for the job (but of course, compete and prove your work and your worth!).


Important WG
would love to see what you guys do going forward