Proposal: Introducting Reddit Working Group for Jupiter

Note: This is a living document, the content below may potentially be subject to change based on community input.

Reddit: Our Gateway to the Galaxy

Think of Reddit as our mission control. It’s a platform teeming with potential users – crypto enthusiasts, DeFi believers, and everyday people curious about a more accessible financial future.

Reddit isn’t just another social media platform. It boasts a staggering 1.212 billion monthly active users, placing it among the top 10 most visited websites globally.

Jupiter Reddit Working Group (JRWG) Introduction

The Jupiter Reddit Working Group (JRWG) is dedicated to empowering the Jupiter community and fostering a vibrant online presence on Reddit. We envision a thriving Reddit community that serves as a central hub for information, discussion, and collaboration.


  • Establish a positive and informative presence for Jupiter on Reddit.
  • Cultivate an engaged Jupiter community on Reddit.
  • Increase awareness and adoption of Jupiter among the crypto community on Reddit.
  • Provide a platform for open communication and feedback between Jupiter and its user base.


  • Create and maintain a high-quality Jupiter subreddit.
  • Develop and enforce subreddit rules to ensure a positive and productive community environment.
  • Regularly curate and post informative content related to Jupiter, including project updates, news, and educational resources.
  • Foster community discussions and address user questions and concerns promptly.
  • Collaborate with the broader Jupiter marketing team to integrate Reddit into overall marketing strategies.
  • Track and analyze Reddit metrics to measure the effectiveness of the Working Group’s efforts.


  • Reddit is a powerful platform for building communities and driving brand awareness. A dedicated Working Group will allow Jupiter to effectively leverage this platform to connect with potential users and enthusiasts.
  • By providing a forum for open discussion, the Working Group can foster a more engaged and loyal Jupiter community.
  • Community feedback obtained through Reddit can be valuable for improving Jupiter’s product and development roadmap.

Building a Thriving Jupiter Subreddit

Creating a thriving Jupiter subreddit hinges on fostering organic growth through a strategic approach encompassing various elements. Central to this endeavor is the consistent dissemination of informative and engaging content. This entails several key tactics:

Growing the Subreddit Organically:

  • Regular Updates: Providing timely news, announcements, and developments concerning Jupiter to keep subscribers informed and engaged.
  • Educational Content: Crafting comprehensive guides, tutorials, and explainers elucidating DeFi concepts and Jupiter’s functionalities to enhance user understanding.
  • Community Spotlights: Showcasing user success stories with the platform, hosting AMAs, and facilitating discussions to spotlight community members and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Cross-posting: Sharing valuable content with relevant subreddits while adhering to their guidelines to expand Jupiter’s reach without resorting to spam tactics.

Community Building:

  • Active Moderation: Cultivating a welcoming and informative atmosphere conducive to constructive discussions through diligent moderation efforts.
  • User Recognition: Acknowledging and appreciating valuable contributions and insights from community members to incentivize active participation.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Periodically organizing contests or giveaways within Reddit’s guidelines to attract new users and incentivize engagement.
  • AMAs and Events: Arranging engaging sessions with Jupiter team, LFG candidates and other notable figures in the DeFi space to facilitate interaction and knowledge sharing.
  • Collaborations: Forging partnerships with relevant subreddits in the DeFi or cryptocurrency domain for mutual content creation or event hosting to leverage each other’s audiences.

Engaging Other Subreddits Without Spamming:

  • Authentic Participation: Identifying potential subreddits where genuine discussions about DeFi and similar projects occur and contributing meaningfully without overtly promoting Jupiter.
  • Good Neighbor Policy: Reaching out to other subreddits via modmail prior to sharing any content and making sure to abide by their rules at all times.
  • Providing Value: Sharing insights and expertise within relevant discussions to add value without shilling.
  • Answering User Questions: Seizing opportunities to address user inquiries regarding DeFi or Jupiter Exchange within relevant threads.
  • Upvoting Quality Content: Recognizing and endorsing insightful or informative content within other subreddits to foster goodwill and establish credibility for Jupiter.

Encouraging a Genuine Mix of Real Jupiter-Related Content:

  • Content Diversity: Striving for a balanced blend of content formats, including text posts, infographics, videos from official Jupiter sources, and AMAs, to cater to diverse preferences and enhance engagement.
  • User-Generated Content: Encouraging users to share their experiences, queries, and discussions related to Jupiter to foster a sense of community ownership and participation.
  • Moderation: Proactively monitoring and moderating content to weed out irrelevant promotional posts, phising links, and blatant shilling, ensuring a conducive and safe environment for meaningful interactions.

Combating Misinformation:

  • Community Education: Developing informative content that addresses prevalent misconceptions about DeFi and Jupiter to enhance user awareness and understanding.
  • Fact-Checking: Encouraging users to verify information before sharing and promptly reporting suspected misinformation to maintain the subreddit’s credibility.
  • Moderator Training: Equipping moderators with the necessary skills to identify and remove misleading information effectively, safeguarding the community’s integrity.
  • Official Channels: Establishing clear and reliable channels for Jupiter announcements to serve as authoritative sources of information and mitigate the spread of misinformation.

3 Month Trial Period:
Prior to any long term proposal the JRWG is requesting to conduct an initial introductory period of 3 months. Our budget for those three months will be as follows

  • Expense Budget: $68,000, JRWG Lead (~$6k/month), full coverage moderation team of at least four moderators (~$16k/month), as well as a ~$2k overflow budget for contingencies and miscellaneous expenses (such as graphic design, bot development, bot hosting, etc).

Any unused amount will be returned to the treasury at the end of the trial period.

Next Steps

  • Recruit passionate expeirenced community members to join the Reddit Working Group.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for launching and managing the Jupiter subreddit.
  • Integrate the Reddit Working Group into Jupiter’s broader marketing strategy.


The establishment of a Reddit Working Group represents a significant opportunity for Jupiter to strengthen its community presence and drive project growth. By leveraging the power of Reddit, Jupiter can connect with a wider audience, build a loyal user base, and position itself for long-term success within the Solana ecosystem.

Join the Mission!

The JRWG is looking for passionate Jupiter members to join the crew. If you’re ready to help build a thriving Reddit community and propel Jupiter towards its full potential, then we want you! Let’s grow something incredible, together.

Initial Members:
@TheCity777 - Reddit Working Group Lead
more team members coming soon

About Proposal Author

I’m a passionate developer with a strong track record of building and managing online communities. My journey on Reddit began over seven years ago, where I successfully grew the r/musicproduction community from 1,000 to 398,000 subscribers, and replicated this success with the r/spotifyplaylists community.

I’ve been on the team of several other prominent communities on the platform r/HipHopHeads, r/Spotify, r/trapproduction, r/FL_Studio, r/PromoteYourMusic and r/Ghost - for the Ghost CMS Blog Platform.

Leveraging my Reddit expertise, I interned at Audius, establishing myself as a top curator and creating the platform’s most streamed playlist, “LoFi Nights.” During this internship, I also honed my community management skills by creating the subreddit rules, designing the forum, and facilitating AMAs on r/Audius.

My experience extends beyond Reddit. As a founding member of Exiled Apes (Degenerate Ape Academy mismint) and former lead strategist, I secured a crucial listing on Magic Eden during a challenging period of blockchain politics, ultimately boosting project legitimacy. I further solidified my community leadership by co-founding ThugDAO and creating communities for classic k3y and legendary k3y members on Subber (Classic DAO and Legendary DAO).


There is an “Outreach Working Group” that has been discussed a bit in discord. It might be appropriate to loop the reddit group into that larger group.

Standardized messaging all around, solid front.


I was told by team during the call to make a post/proposal here, so I did. Where can I find the Outreach Working Group, I can’t find anything about it on the discord?


You right. Posting proposals here is the best start.


Reddit presence is really valuable for expanding the J.U.P community. This is a good initiative imo , and a good writeup of your proposal for starting the discussion around how we as a community could approach this!


That makes real sense. Yes Reddit is Mandatory for JUP. Let’s go JUP


Sounds good. Looking forward to the success of this. It would be greatly beneficial for Jupiter to expand its presence on Reddit and onboard more users onto Solana and Jupiter.


Very excited about the possibility of a Reddit working group.

Jupiter’s main ceiling at this point (in my opinion) is the number of general crypto users. To aggressively expand the pie, we need to show up in places where the crypto-curious are already hanging out.

Reddit is exactly the best spot to go to.

How do you think about content strategy, given that most of the community right now posts on Discord/the research forum?


While it’s true Discord are the main outlets for the community, they are isolated environments where users who are already familiar with Jupiter can congregate.

There are a significant number of people holding JUP who might not even be aware of things that are going on in the JUP universe. Today alone I’ve seen just that, as many people have joined the discord, some i know who’ve held since the airdrop but only connected with the community when they had an issue. So there are definitley gaps that the subreddit can fill. With reddit, we’d have a new outlet for extended visibility.

One of the thing I like about Reddit is that it allows for crossposting, extending our reach beyond our immediate subscriber base. We can share valuable content on relevant subreddits, sparking conversations and attracting new users.

In addition, Reddit boasts a powerful feature: automatic translation support for up to eight languages. This would allows us to connect with a global audience and eliminates some language barriers in terms of getting information out there.

For content, We can leverage existing resources from Discord and, sharing valuable content and formatting it for the Reddit audience. Beyond that there are also avenues for original content through written recaps, collaborations, and even host reddit specific events.

A strong Reddit presence can supercharge engagement across the board. We can use Reddit to promote our YouTube channel, LFG projects, other WGs, and even get the word out about governance proposals. Overall, it can be a powerful tool to connect with the broader crypto community and energize existing initiatives.


I dont get why you would need any funding for this, get a few community mods and see how reddit does, in a year or so you can give them a little reward


I encourage you to thoroughly read the draft, as there is no mention of any funding yet. Secondly, the goal is to grow our reddit presecense, to suggest me and the rest of this work group’s members work full-time with no sort of compensation for an entire year is a nonstarter.

If you don’t value a WG focusing on building out our reddit presence I respect your opinion, but I personally think I’ve already made a solid case for why this WG should exist.

This is only an initial draft, that is not going for vote yet, and there will be additions to this document in the future. I encourage you to follow the process and provide constructive feedback along the way.


Great writeup!

Could you add more additional notes on how you intend to:

  • grow the subreddit organically
  • how to engage other reddits wo spamming
  • how to grow a genuine mix of real jupiter related content
  • how to allow information flow wo adding to fud/misinformation

i see the best name is somehow already taken, and it is definitely not by us. what is a good way to take this name back?

the team should be the main custodian of any subreddit for safety reasons, even if WGs should/can take the leading role in moderating it, etc.

feel free to add the points above to the proposal.


strongly agreed on all your points

could you also add to the forum post your own experience and journey?

i will be working through WG formation with the CWG, but there should probably be 2 phases - an trial phase and a official phase.

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i am a fan of highly focused small workgroups, it is much easier to scope, seek talent and remain highly productive and operational.


agree on this. i see many people on reddit that are not even on twitter or discord. CT is a beast but CR (crypto reddit) is definitely a beast as well

  • grow the subreddit organically
  • how to engage other reddits wo spamming
  • how to grow a genuine mix of real jupiter related content
  • how to allow information flow wo adding to fud/misinformation

I can’t edit my post anymore, but will be making a update post that covers these.

the team should be the main custodian of any subreddit for safety reasons, even if WGs should/can take the leading role in moderating it, etc.

Will be happy to do that, the main reason I reserved the name is cause I had noticed the scammer had taken the exchange one like you mention, send me a DM on discord so we can sort that out.

As for getting the taken name, you can report the subreddit, but it would not be easy to get the name back. We can set up a call, if you’d like discuss it further.

could you also add to the forum post your own experience and journey?

It’s already at the bottom of the draft in the section titled “About Proposal Author”. I’ve had a prolific experience in both the reddit and ecosystem. The subreddits I built have are in the top 1% of the platform, and I’ve been identifed by reddit as being one of there top 75k users.

i will be working through WG formation with the CWG, but there should probably be 2 phases - an trial phase and a official phase.

Do you mean that the CWG would form the team? I’ve already formed a team while creating the proposal.

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Having seen the rise and fall (or just straight plummet) of many crypto ideas ive really learned that community growth and buy in are the foundation for success. I fully support the idea behind this working group, and reddit is a good place to start.

Ive said elsewhere, but you need a sort of decentralized centralization. You build a foundation around decentralization, but a fully democratic process would never accomplish anything substantial, so forming these “working groups” with very specific authority and objectives helps to take aim properly and not get bogged down by the goliath of a vote for every decision. It’s necessary in the beginning, but you need agility in the mid term to outpace competition for long term success.


no, i mean i am forming the process for how WGs are formed along w the CWG. i am fully supportive of a brand new team to drive this WG, and excited this is happening!

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yup, this is correct. WGs need a ton of autonomy.

  • Team and existing WGs help formulate new WGs
  • DAO proivde the legitimacy and community buy in
  • WGs should do their own thing, share updates w community quarterly and get feedback for improvements

but otherwise, LET THEM COOK

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