Proposal: Core Working Group Budget

That’s what base salaries are for

No it’s not. They earn a base salary for the work they do, and IF that work benefits the community and increases the value of JUP, THEN they benefit.

So the CWG takes over when the coin is at $1.50 and we’re worried about their lack of compensation if it goes to $0 on their watch? I mean, they’re drawing salaries too, right?

I’m waiting for someone to explain from the CWG to explain how they’re going to bring the level of value their comp indicates. They had a chance and were unable to articulate the value well.

It passed so I guess the argument is moot at this point. However, judging by the community sentiment here and on X, this is very unpopular with those who are dialed in. This feels more like corporate America than it does web3. The guys at the top draining big $$ against the wishes and good of the broader community.

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You right mate! I agree with you

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Everything is acceptable except the absurdly high $4.5Mil JUP token allocation. It needs to be revised and reduced.

Very talented group, indeed!
Very exciting!

Totally agree with you!
Awesome write up, and solid proposals!

founders will have a different opinion.

320 split 4 ways

but the 4.2M JUP is the problem imo.

it’s far too much, agreed


the numbers proposed here are astronomically high.

the $/brackets were voted on in discord with a minuscule sample pool.

the voting options (For, Against and Abstain) did no offer voters who do not participate in the community (most of them) sufficient understanding of the the $ or JUP amounts involved

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I vote against.

I appreciate the cwg need paying to incentivise but seems a bit excessive imo

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I vote for. Good job :+1:t2:

Vote for a Good Job… CWG :fire: