Proposal: Core Working Group Budget

I want to start by expressing my deep appreciation for the efforts of the CWG and the exceptional qualities of its members.

However, I have reservations regarding the JUP allocation strategy. Unlike the transparent breakdown provided for USDC allocations, details for JUP are not as clear. If we were to apply similar ratios, it would imply an allocation of approximately 800K JUP (valued around $1M at current rates) for each CWG member.

From my perspective, this seems somewhat excessive. The absence of defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and unclear accounting of the time commitment by the members raise questions. While I’m not advocating for stringent monitoring—trusting in their professionalism and understanding the autonomy required at this level—the magnitude of JUP allocation appears disproportionate.

Therefore, I suggest a revision of the current approach, favoring shorter allocation periods of six months with renewal options. This adjustment could serve dual purposes: firstly, it could heighten motivation among CWG members, knowing their performance will be reassessed in a short period, rather than receiving a substantial allocation with no immediate accountability over two years. Secondly, given the potential for significant price fluctuations within a six-month period, this could impact the subsequent allocation amount, aligning it more closely with current value.