Proposal: Core Working Group Budget

4.5mm JUP? At today’s prices that’s ~$5.85mm. In two years that could be many millions more. For what? For idea people to make up ideas? Did these guys write the code and build the website? I don’t see that in the writeup.

Crypto distorts our perception of what things cost - we get used to seeing multi-billion dollar coins absolutely ripping and it makes us look at $5+ million and say “Yeah that’s not a lot.” But it is. It’s a huge amount of money for a zero skill job.

We all want to make it, and I’m sorry, but if you want a million dollar payday you should have to risk your capital and develop skills like the rest of us. Voting millions to people for thinking about stuff and being involved in crypto is how we crash this project into the ground.

Vote money to things that matter.

Not to mention allocating themselves nearly a 100k USD salary for the two years? For whitelisting 100 tokens per day? Guys. Come on.

Also show us the expense report for the 100k in 4 months among 4 people. That’s 5k per month in “operating expenses” per person to focus on “processes, communications, and design that affect the community”.

If they want the 30k moderator salary they’re giving to discord, and option to renew at two years, with a 5% bonus on salary paid in JUP? That’s reasonable. I’d vote yes for that. Somebody needs to answer emails.