Projects applying to LFG launchpad are required to express the utility of the token under a title

I read the proposals of a few projects, they explained their projects well, but they did not mention the utility of their tokens. I think this should be the most important for the user. A project may be very good, even very successful, but if its token is of no use, why should the user buy that token? So please add this question to the LFG introduce form. Utility of our token: etc…


The Mentaverse Coin $MVC is a holder reflection token, which reflects other cool (new) tokens on Solana, to all holders. Besides that it will be used as our in-game currency, when our game is finished and launched.


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Yeah, I think it should be a requirement to reveal the full details of the tokenomics before a project is voted on for LFG. Otherwise, it’s too easy to sneak in tokenomics that are unfavorable to the community after a project gets voted in. If they have to reveal before getting voted on, then their tokenomics will obviously affect the voting results, and this introduces a competitive dynamic between projects to make their tokenomics more favorable for the community.


Yeah, I think it would be nice to add a top 3 Utilizations section to the introduction. I also feel like it’s hard to tell what the tokens do. More of the introduction is spent on dazzling vs information. Maybe a word limit would be beneficial as well? Personally I appreciate concise information.


I totally agree, I have concerns like you and I want the best for JUP. They should decide this well and look at it from outside people’s eyes.


Thank you for your support, this way we will choose among meaningful projects that will not fill the Jupiter forum with garbage projects.

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I completely agree with your point about the importance of highlighting the utility of tokens in project proposals. The utility of a token is a crucial factor for users and investors to consider when evaluating a project’s potential value and long-term viability. Without a clear explanation of how the token will be used within the ecosystem, it can be challenging for users to understand the incentives for acquiring and holding the token. :laughing:

completely agree, we have a whole detailed section with min-max price and market cap, supply on TGE etc.