JUP Working Group Directory -- Now Part of Jup.Eco

Jup.Eco is the new home of the Working Group Directory and much much more to come !

Jupiter Working Group Directory

Core Working Group - c2yptic, Slorg , Durden , kemosabe

  1. Working Group Infrastructure & Processes
  2. Curate Jupiter token strict list
  3. LFG Project in-take and voting process management
  4. Discord community and moderator management

Point of Contact: –
Resource Needs: –

Uplink Working Group - Kash

  1. Product & partnership, community spotlight, LFG candidates communications
  2. Lead community calls
  3. Community Development

Point of Contact: –
Resource Needs: –

Vibes Working Group - WEN working group

  1. Content creation
  2. Social message amplification

Point of Contact: –
Resource Needs: –

Prospective Working Groups

  • Catdet Working Group
  • Outreach Working Group

After some time to think more on the topic, I’ve decided the best way forward here is to just start the directory here and keep it updated until we find the right location for the resource. I anticipate this would be a resource we include in the greater “onboarding & educational resources” that folks are already working on.

Edits happen above - discussion and original purpose of this document are below

I am putting this proposal out there for the creation of a working group directory. As more working groups spin up its imperative that we keep open lines of communication between the groups to synergize and avoiding redundant work.

What would this deliverable look like?

A structured directory outlining funding, roles, responsibilities, areas of interest and points of contact for all current and future working groups.

Ongoing Responsibilities:

  • Creation & maintenance of the DAO working group directory (This document for now)
  • Enhancements to the directory to keep it aligned with the JUP mission long term.
  • An additional first level point of contact for new folks looking to get involved and
  • HR screening interface to help identify & route potential candidates for JWG resource needs
  • Assist with community on-boarding in discord and forums

The idea here is to build an on-boarding resource for new folks joining the discussion to find exactly what they are looking for and to reduce inefficiencies of having to constantly onboarding new DAO members manually.

Hi, I am Antimatter and I am a long time JUP supporter and swapper. I have recently been trying to get more involved in the JUP DAO and was left wondering where to start. That got me thinking, if there is no clear place to start, getting going at all could be a super daunting task for anyone. That has led me to write this proposal.

I hope this can spur some thoughtful conversations and ultimately birth a solution to help streamline the JUP DAO “onboarding process”.

J4J :sparkling_heart: da Cats :black_cat:


Hey I really like the idea, maybe we can make a discord forum for working groups? I would really like it if we had contacts listed for all of the different working groups. It can be really hard to determine what the working groups are and who is inside!


Precisely Tim!

The ultimate location of the doc has yet to be determined. I worry multiple locations could compromise the integrity and version history, so when there’s some direction from the existing DAO teams we can hone in on that.

The main reason I like the forums as opposed to discord is because things in discord tend to get lost or overlooked easily. But there are ways, like Threads that could help manage that.


Great idea and I hope to contribute to the WEN Working Group ASAP!


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There are three options to structure workgroup communication:

  1. Use Discourse
  2. Use Discord
  3. Use Both

In case the communication is spread over both systems, the permission and content needs to be kept in sync.
I wrote a plugin for Discourse that keeps discord roles in sync with Discourse group membership permissions.
Maybe that could be of use. Discourse also has a chat system now, but it seems like some will still prefer Discord for chat. :grinning:
I agree with what @antimatter said about stuff getting overlooked and lost in Discord. But there is also a certain stickiness to Discord and people are drawn to the conversation there. Discourse feels more formal.


Hey Antimatter!

It’s a pleasure to have ya with us on this journey. Thanks for making this post.

I agree that we have some work to go in helping to onboard new members onto the DAO, and making things clearer for new participants. That’s why im very grateful for this post.

We also have https://station.jup.ag/, with it’s corresponding links to help new users get started, hope you like it as well!

If you have any ideas or recommendations, please hit me up directly with them! What’s your Discord ID?


Wouldn’t it be better if, once a working group has been recognized, it could gain its independence with its own channel on discord?

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few things I would recommend with any way forward for the WG’s:

  1. Avoid too much independence, if WG’s become silo’d there will undoubtedly be a lot of duplication of effort and wasted resources
  2. Keep it as simple as possible.

Think WG’s will self organize in chats or w/e and have a shared space in the #workinggroups channel in disc. Giving space for some in group strategy and keeping things transparent and allowing for opportunities for the community to weigh in when needed.

The working group directory, has nothing to do with how the groups operate independently. This is purely a transparency mechanism for the DAO to have some way to stay in communications with the groups.

I think its important that folks wanting to get grants for projects and WGs understand that you are representing the community with your efforts and there should be some level of accountability. aka. you shouldnt expect to stay anonymous


you can use the search feature on this platform to try and find the appropriate thread topics for your questions.

great initiative, i think having this in the forum is exactly right. let me create a new category


As announced today on the Planetary call. The core work group is supporting the Jup.Eco sites development, which will distill and organize all DAO content to keep everyone up to date in a super efficient way.

Sir naynay and myself have combined our efforts to build out Jup.Eco which will also include the Working Group Directory.

@meow we would be happy to have it on the station wiki pages also, or perhaps just cross linking is easier. Just let us know how we can help out.