Jup Eco Changelog


Throughout this week the Web Working Group has been diligently working alongside Keemos4be from the Core Group to bring you some amazing updates to the Jup.Eco site. See the updates made below alongisde pictures of the new updates on page.

Updates Made (TLDR):

  • Added a dropdown ‘Menu’ to navigate pages
  • Broke out FAQs & Acronyms to their own pages
  • Catdet Calendar is now the default tab item on the page
  • Created the Jupiter Contents Pages - Planetary Call, Townhall, and WG Blog Posts.
  • Brand assets page close to done
  • Distinct “featured” items on home page

Homepage Updates

The homepage has been reworked. The social media icons aand the sidebar menu have been added. The Jup.Eco logo now redirects to the Jup.Eco homepage. The catdet calendar is the default tab item and will always contain up to date events at least a week out. The FAQs and Acronyms tab both have “featured” items and a button to see all FAQs/Acronyms that takes you to the dedicated page. The sidebar menu also has links to each page if you prefer to navigate that way.

FAQ Page/Acronyms page

The FAQ section and Acronym section on the Jup.Eco homepage have been split out into their own pages. This allows them to be linked to directly. You may notice that there are still FAQs and Acronyms tabs on the homepage. These are “featured” items or items we believe are most important to showcase to the community. Underneath the featured items, there is an All FAQs or All Acronyms button (see pic). Each of the independent pages has a searchable list of items to make finding your question easier than ever.

Jup Content Pages

The Jup Content Pages aim to bring you a condensed version of the long form content Jupiter produces. Included in the Jup Content Pages are summarizations of the planetary calls, town halls, and (soon) Jupiter WG Blogs.


Wow that looks awesome. I mean the changes and updates are also great but I really love the visuals and that alone is selling me on it.

10 out of 10, would buy again :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Looks amazing, especially the artwork.