J.U.P Database - Idea

We should create a J.U.P database. This database would be a curated list of J.U.P related images/memes, short videos/clips, and texts, sortable by category. The database would be constantly updated and added to.

The objective of the database would be to serve as a comprehensive resource for the community. It would allow for easy sharing and distribution of media for different work groups and independently ran social media accounts. For example; someone could start a TikTok account and easily re-upload the content from the database.

This database could either be created by one of the current working groups like the CWG or web working group if passed. Or by a new working group, with the sole focus of expanding and updating the database. I know the Reddit WG is working on bots that will cross post to the subreddit from X. If one of the WG decides to take this on, they can add it to their list of accomplishments in their trial period so they are voted for in the future.

This idea came to me because I was thinking of making a J.U.P related TikTok account because TikTok is an untapped market, and the largest. But the clips available right now are limited. In today’s Planetary Call, a bounty started for creating J.U.P related content/clips. This is great and could function as one of the sources of the database.


Worthwhile initiative, maybe publish access to database on easy accessible website, no logins, etc.


could be very cool… also curated projects get to have access to database of jup users

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do you think it could potentially train an LLM to autogenerate these or aid in ideation to contributors?

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That’s definitely possible. Just feeding ChatGPT J.U.P related information could generate new sorts of images and texts to use throughout the community and for outreach.

using a rag model like langchain on fly.io is what solana foundation used for the toly gpt Creating GPT-Driven Applications Using LangChain | by Mohit Mayank | Medium. https://tolygpt.com/.

Here is the repo for the tolygpt terminal:

Happy to provide guidance, i’ve deployed multiple ones on fly.io

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That should be part of the responsibilities of the WWG we recently voted for I suppose?