Introducing RuneMine ~ Home of Runes on both BTC and SOL ~ Full Infra App

Thanks for that thorough and thoughtful response. Though to be fair, i did a bit of research these last couple days and think you are spot on! i look forward to I’m definitely looking forward to learning more as the process moves forward. It seems that you guys have a good idea of where you’re at and where you’re going, and I’m definitely excited to see where it leads us!

@runemine I dont understand what this is but it sounds wonderful lol. Isnt the point of runes that it uses bitcoin’s on-chain data storage? I think… and might be wrong so please correct… that you are suggesting that this makes runes more developer friendly, expands the jup ecosystem to include the runes ecosystem, and brings solana’s speed and low cost to runes protocol? All while also forging entirely new worlds to explore. This is too good to be true…

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