Introducing The Trading Terminal with SL, TP, and Conditional Orders

Peer into on-chain activity with a pair of friendly glasses

What is it? is a minimalist and highly customizable terminal that offers a unique trading experience.

Have you ever wanted to do this on-chain?

Or this?

How about this? (gif might not render correctly)

Soon, you will be able to with
On top of that, SL and TP will be 100% private.
I will be open sourcing a conditional order placement solution and will be tightly integrated. ETA = 1-2 months. It will coincide with the launch of the token.

Have you ever wanted to perform an action like placing an order by clicking on the chart? Or tapping on the chart? supports this functionality. Try it out on a mobile device

  1. Long-tap on the chart to bring up the tool-menu. (A crosshair will popup)
  2. Before letting go, situate the crosshair to the starting position you want.
  3. Optional. tap the measuring tool or other tools in the menu (measuring tool is active by default).
  4. Tap and drag to the end position on the chart.

This is the level of UX quality aims to deliver for TP, SL, and Conditional Orders.

Have you ever wished for a native-app experience while degening?
Currently, for mobile platforms, users are relegated to using the built-in app inside the native wallet applications like Phantom and Solflare. improves upon this with PWA technology.

For iPhone users
-safari (no PWA) with ‘hide toolbar’ is recommended
-only glow wallet is supported for iOS

For Android users
-all wallets are supported
-chrome PWA is highly recommended

For Desktop users (macOS, Windows, Linux)
-currently only Phantom and Solflare are integrated
-chrome PWA is highly recommended

Hardware recommendations
-snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus or higher for Android
-A15 or higher for iOS
-dedicated gpu is recommended for desktop

I’ve tested on iPhone 15 pro, Z Fold 5, and MacBook Air M2, and linux. If you have issues with your device, let me know on discord.
My personal favorite is using foldable devices. Webview performance on android is cleaner than iOS.

What the heck is this?
It is a Ridge chart, unique to
Think of it as visualization of cumulative buy and sell orders that are divided into tiers (shrimp, shark, whale). The accumulation of these buy/sell data are reset at fixed intervals. For example, with 5m data, the accumulation will build up from minute 0 to 5 and it will reset.

Ridge chart data will only show v6 Jupiter swap data. Trades that are made through the native swap app like Orca and Raydium are not included in the dataset.

Ridge charts will be highly customizable by the users. They will be able to set up tier ranges that are denominated in USD or SOL and also modify the reset interval for more nuanced visualization.
One other customization that is almost complete, is the ability to modify y-scaling so that comparing between different tiers can offer a more comprehensive perspective.

Advanced backend token filtering
Currently, tokens are filtered based on trade frequency.

This represents the top 30 most frequently traded tickers in the last 5 minutes.

Soon, users will be able to…

  1. filter tokens to exclude pairs like USDC-USDT, Sol-USDC, etc.
  2. filter tokens based on size of the transaction in combination with frequency.
  3. Filter tokens based on price percent change in combination with frequency and or size .
  4. Various other Ideas that I have in my cooker.

Pasta charts (Coming soon)
What is it? Basically visualize the above data but with a time component. So you can see 20-30 lines on the chart and see who the winners are.

Order history list , ongoing orders list, conditional/limit order list… (Coming soon)

3d charts (this is a more advanced version of pasta charts)
I have one idea that I’m cooking regarding 3D charts. SOON

Regarding the various color palette choices, I will fix them. They were very rushed. I will read up on modern design principles on color contrasting and make it a bit more accessible.

(Mid December) → begin

(December - March) → Full stack developing. Learning as I go.

(Today) → Released a base product

(Next 1-2 months) → work on SL/TP/Conditional order implementation. Followed by TGE.

(Next 3-4 months) → work on general front end upgrades and work on horizontal scaling of my backend.

(Beyond) →

  1. I have begun working on a port to tauri which leverages webGPU and rust as backend for all platforms (macOS,windows,linux,iOS,Android). I’m pretty excited for this because webGPU is much more efficient than webGL which is what is currently using. Expect better thermals and performance with this upgrade.
  2. I have many ideas but I will keep them close to my chest for now.

Platform fees = 0.2%
Fee rev sharing to $poopoo stakers = 70%
Total supply = 100,000,000

Token launch will be coincided with the release of SL/TP implementation.(1-2 months)
More details will be shared at a later date.

About Me
I started coding around 2 years ago, transitioning from a stem PhD.

My learning methods primarily revolved around reverse-engineering. Breaking existing code and understanding how it works and then fixing it.

I got interested in market visualization early on for various reasons that came together thru happenstance and I found myself reverse engineering various popular charting libraries.

I worked on various integrations with exchanges like vertex protocol (on arbitrum) and bybit. These products never made to production, only privately used. This is my first production project and my first web2.5 project.

Undergoing heavy AB testing. Please leave constructive feedback.

-For integration inquiries, please dm me on twitter @stylustrader. I am only considering Solana-first products.

-If you are interested in this product, please contact Phantom Wallet to whitelist my domain ‘
It is currently being flagged as malicious because it is a new site and they have an aggressive flagging system.

Documentation: at main · poopooTrade/ · GitHub

How to place an order on iPhone

How to place an order on Android


This is actually really cool & you’re learning to code as you’re building it? Interesting!
I like the minimalistic design as well & think its gamification-esque look will create interest from beginners & others who want to get into trading but are deterred by the current trading UI/UX on most platforms. It reminds me of DuoLingo because of this.

My questions;
Why are you interested in launching a token for this product? Is it really necessary or is it for experimentation?

Who is your target audience? Experienced traders, intermediate traders, novices?

Are you the only team member so far?

Are there partnerships in place already or are you beginning to establish those?

From the perspective of the DAO, in what aspects would this project & token be most beneficial to the community & the broader Solana ecosystem?


Hey thanks for your interest. Your questions here are really good. They have a lot of good points in them, like about the token needing to benefit the Solana ecosystem as a whole.

In short, I’m launching a token to help drive engagement, incentivze users to use the platform more, and also to raise funds and accelerate development.

I’m particularly interested in adding a utility to the token related to private transactions that could make private stop loss and take profit possible on chain. Though I’m not sure of the feasibility of this is yet as it is under active research for me. With regards to my above proposed stop loss and take profit solution, it is private and trustless solution. However it is not on chain.

Being new to this solana eco and web3 environment as a whole, building relationships is important to me. This is why I wanted to open source this stop loss and take profit solution. It is a much requested feature currently from Jupiter users. I’m sure the Jupiter team is working very hard on this front and are weighing the options and trade offs. In the meantime I was hoping to provide value for end users while also benefiting many projects that are currently missing this key feature.

My hope is that by starting to contribute like this and more, it could spark new conversations and build new relationships. I’m very open to feedback, potential partnerships, and collaboration on things that makes sense.
I’m currently the only team member at this time.

I like your analogy with duolingo! Gamification was definitely something I was going for with plans to introduce trading league with a ranking system as well as tournaments. The leagues would have different difficulty tiers like bronze to gold to diamond. A token here would be useful for fee collection to enter the tournament and distributing rewards to winners.

My target audience is primarily advanced to intermediate traders but I want to make the UX so intuitive that even novices can enter and exit trades with a couple taps on the chart to make the experience more interactive. The novice users can dive into the more advanced features at their own pace.

Speaking from experience, when I first started using various orderflow softwares like quantower, atas, and exochart for trading, I remember how overwhelming it was trying to learn everything. But I kept using it and kept learning new things at my own pace. I envision this is how it will go for users trying out my app.

Onboarding novices to the app and making it more accessible is a high priority for me. There are some road blocks that need to be taken care of however. The main one is that my app gets the malicious flag by phantom and backpack wallet that use blowfish for webdomain evaluation. I’m currently trying to talk to them to whitelist the domain. And currently, the UI relies more on icons rather than texts. They have to try it out and explore on their own to figure it out. Providing new users with proper documentation on getting started is also a high priority for me.

I hope this project could help onboard next wave of potential solana users by providing a unique and appealing interface for users to trade on. I’m open to feedback and suggestions rom the community as the vision evolves. Happy to answer more questions!


Nice! I think the leagues feature will be a smash. There are platforms that currently have leaderboards & PancakeSwap may be the closest I’ve seen to true gamified UI/UX but there is always room for better products in the market of course. This being Solana native leaves a lot of room for capitalizing on market share considering you’re already aligned with wallets like Backpack & Phantom. Tournaments in this fashion would excel also, especially with an application with mobile centric features.

Thank you for answering my questions & I can see the value in potentially launching with LFG. I do think this would be a great tool for the Solana ecosystem which has no shortage of trading applications but a shortage of trading applications that can appeal to a niche market like I think this one could. I think the advanced features you’re offering & the gamified UI/UX make it a tool potentially primed for making the route from novice to advanced trader much quicker. That in my opinion would be a standout feature, gamified quests that earn tokens, trader lessons such as setting your first SL & TP, etc. Similar to what you would find in the learning section of AssetDash.

I’ve been in the Solana eco since it launched so feel free to connect & ask any questions at any time!


Great stuff! Super interesting. Love the fun spin on trading interfaces