Introducing Nyan Heroes to LFG - A flagship AAA shooter on Solana

Genuinely excited about this game :grinning:

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Being able to customize your control inputs is one of the high priority tasks for our next game update. We’re also looking at gamepad/controller support

Appreciate the feedback and glad y’all are having fun in it!

Looks cool! Kinda like overwatch I assume from the screenshots?

Although many things are clear, some questions came up while reading the whole thread.

Would you mind sharing the sources from some of the reviews?

Do you mean that more tokens in proportional fashion to the volume transacted or disproportionally more (e.g., a factor of 1.5 tokens per additional transaction).

In addition to that, how exactly will the value accrual happen? By the increased usage (i.e., in combination with a marketplace where more demand of the token leads to more value) or will there be some burn mechanism?

Last but not least, you mentioned a conversion to an NFT first. Was that also necessary for the beta testers and do you have any data on the amount of users who did that?

Thanks for posting here and happy to learn more about your project!

Hello, the issue i see there is a ton of competition out there especially in the shooter genre, in web3 alone we have dozens of fps like midnight society, shrapnel and so on, in web2 you compete with 100s of other similar games, i just dont see what is unique on this one, been there done that. Game development is one of the toughest industries, to make a difference and impact you need something special.
Sorry to be the bummer again, but just having a market on web 3 doesnt make a game a hit.
Good luck nevertheless.

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Sure, there’s a tonne of messages on twitter organically about us being the top or at least one of the top games.

Here’s a few tweets I recall

As for the marketplace transaction questions, I just mean that as transaction volumes increase, more tokens are spent as part of the fee structure. It’s a linear function.

The value accrual to the token is occuring from the need to purchase the tokens and consume them to transact on the marketplace. As a bit of a stickler for terminology, I don’t consider burn mechanics to be value accrual, but rather redistribution. If a token has a certain value and some part of that supply is burnt, the value doesnt change. The only way to accrue value to a token is for that token to be bought. If burning a token leads to speculation which leads to people buying the token, then there is secondary value accrual via speculation. So by purchasing the token in order to transact, the value accrual has already occured.

For our alpha test, we didn’t have any in-game NFT integration so we don’t have data on conversion metrics. This will come at a later stage of development closer to beta.

Appreciate the insightful questions!

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Totally agree with you!

There is a lot of competition in the shooter space. Though from our alpha test, it’s evident that we are probably the farthest along in development. We love the Shrapnel project too and are working closely with them and even they admit we are much further along in development than they are.

In addition we are one of the first PC based projects to achieve a majority positive sentiment amongst web2 gamers, something the other titles you mentioned have not yet been able to convert (so far).

On the web2 side, we agree that there are many good games and the industry is tough. I would argue that as a gamer and fan of shooters myself, we offer something that is very compelling and unique for traditional gamers beyond just being another “hero shooter”. We are a movement shooter above and beyond all else - and our movement sets us apart from basically every other shooter out there. Movement shooters are in high demand these days due to the younger generation of gamers always trying to find that high octane shooter they can stream and share clips with online.

We have an incredibly deep weapon/ability system where our hero abilities dynamically change based on your primary weapon loadout. This is the first system of its kind in the world. No other shooter has tried to implement and mechanic like this one, and feedback so far, especially from the hardcore players is that the strategic depth and skill ceiling for this game is super high due to this system.

At the end of the day, none of this matters unless the game feels fun and has that X factor.

Think many of our players and community already feel like this is a game that has been built with a lot of heart and soul with a super unique IP to boot. This is something that many traditional cookie cutter “AAA” studios have been failing to do of late.

This is absolutely amazing! Allowing the devs to work in tandem with the player community in order to create a game that the devs are proud of and the players love, while also allowing the token based system to be used in staking to allow the players to have a say in what additions could be added to a game i.e. DLCs and used to buy things in game. It’s actually a very progressive and ingenious project and I hope for its success in the near future! :slight_smile: