Introducing deBridge to LFG

we need more detailed information on tokenomics

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Very interesting proposal, the 0-TVL model is the standout to me. The underlying mechanisms to this are very interesting I’m sure

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I think you have achieved these things. I recently started to use debridge this week and I think it was exactly what I was looking for. I love the cross chain swapping its a dream come true! You guys are on track to do well as you continue to grow your community/users.

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I just used DeBridge for the first time, bridging Sol from Solana to buy some Propy in Ethereum. The process was smooth (and quick) and I will definitely be using deBridge more often. The points system is intriguing too, but my main focus is to experiment with the platform. So far, I am very impressed.

Great post, great product. looking forward to seeing what the future holds !

I have already seen replies to other comments regarding tokenomics but I missed a single detail that has been important in recent token releases. I was wondering, in short words, what would be the incentive to hold or stake your token?

Thank you and good luck!

deBridge on LFG launchpad is going to be amazing. would look forward and believe if it is a 3rd round candidate, it would be popular. the utility is already embedded into jupiter’s ecosystem and with jupiter’s team help… it would be a very successful TGE launch.


I will upvote for deBridge, looking forward to it


First experience with a bridge took 24 hours…
Next experience, with debridge, took a few seconds. Will be voting debridge


Just realized that this is the same one i have been using for months.
I would be thrilled to have you guys on lfg

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To be fair, it looks to me like all you really need from us is 500k cheerleaders and access to the launchpad. I’ve been using the platform since you guys posted and i love it. I’m also a big fan of the partnerships you’ve been fostering around the ecosystem. I got a legendary drop from Drip Haus and am looking forward to winning that USDC!!!
BUT…even without that. without points. without an airdrop, i would STILL use your platform because GOD THOSE SPEEDS!!! Literally 10 seconds to bridge to Base or back to Solana. The cost? cheap, but really, at that speed I’d happily pay more just for that convenience.
The UI is clean. Your Discord is responsive and helpful. it seems you guys are super RTG.
i say bring on the vote.

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@alex_smirnov I just used debridge the other day for the first time ever. It was amazing!

I also do want to add, this was my first ever experience bridging anything anywhere. Typically I just send to exchange and send to whatever chain I need it to go to.

Honestly it all seemed so expensive and clunky with other bridges, I didn’t want to even try it. Then having to hold your breath and wait on it to show up.

I bridged and received the funds quicker than it took me to refresh my wallet. I am amazed. What you guys are doing is special!


Thank you for the feedback! Happy to see that you enjoyed the fastest bridging experience :raised_hands:

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Thank you for explaining how it works with the ‘network of private market makers’ rather than pools. I was amazed (and intrigued) how the bridging was super fast, especially when dealing with Ethereum (which I left due to its horrible fees and slowness). This network that you have set up makes everything cost-effective and swift and a total joy to use. I do not mind admitting that I will be supporting your lfg application when it comes up. This is a super important and critical service and you’ve cracked the proverbial nut. Great stuff. Lfg!

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i think i like what im seeing here can you exolain tokenomics more and how rewards would be distributed to the dao and jup holders and stakers alike

Are you guys open to an AMA in the r/JupiterExchange subreddit

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I have done 7 swaps with debridge today and it was all super quick! I cannot wait for the future with debridge!

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Looks to me like a very successful project already that doesn’t only depend on Jup for success but will bring a lot of value as well. Solid team and impressive achievements already.

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Can you tell us more about the tokenomics? What’s the split between your team and the members of the future DAO?

Will the DAO have full autonomy over the treasury?


How feasible would it be to implement a method to initiate FIX (Financial Information Exchange) messages using the deBridge protocol?

Essentially, could the protocol bridge to off chain accounts?

We are not getting an airdrop of the deBridge token according to Alex. They are giving the bare minimum of 0.75% even though JUP has grown their company significantly 20%+ of their volume, 30% increase in their twitter followers etc.

Do what you will with this information.

Howdy, recently using the bridge feels great and very smooth. surprisingly very quick as well.

I’m just wondering how will the TGE be distributed users. Is it a Bracketed System/Tier based or Percentage based on fees spent?