GUM Introduction: dVIN Labs

dVIN Labs Network Introduction

Unifying the $1T wine asset class through data, DePIN and RWA tokenization.

dVIN is building the universal protocol for luxury and investment-grade wine on the blockchain. The dVIN Protocol is the base layer for connecting the wine industry from grape to glass.

For winemakers we are solving for the lack of consumer and consumption data, supply chain inefficiency, and customer acquisition.

For wine lovers and collectors we are solving the problems of counterfeit and fraud, lack of price transparency, chain of custody and provenance.

Later this year we are launching $VIN, the first native token for the wine industry, which will reward wine lovers, allow winemakers to receive real-time consumption data, and power a DePIN network to track and verify luxury wine on-chain.

The dVIN team has decades of experience and deep relationships in the luxury wine market with winemakers and collectors alike, and will bring these communities to the Solana blockchain.

GUM, Jupiter & dVIN Labs

Founded in 2021, dVIN Labs is poised to revolutionize the trillion dollar wine asset class by tokenizing luxury wine and bringing it to the Solana blockchain. With the help of Jupiter and GUM, the Real World Asset (RWA) market will expand the opportunity for luxury, rare and investment-grade wine that spans the globe.

Building on Solana, dVIN takes advantage of fast transactions on SOL, high scalability, and low fees - all of which are completely novel in the investment-grade wine industry, where transactions are normally managed by auction houses or other third parties that take huge fees and provide limited transparency.

Working with Jupiter and GUM, we aim to consolidate the $1T wine asset class with a variety of other alternative asset classes, including real-world assets, into a single, efficient market.

The experience provided by dVIN Labs will enable winemakers to connect directly with their consumers like never before, accessing more complete data and allowing for a more efficient supply chain. Consumers will be rewarded for their engagement; while enjoying the trust and transparency that tokenization has to offer.

The dVIN ecosystem fosters trading with deep liquidity for otherwise illiquid rare bottles of the best wine vintages on the open market. Rare and collectible wine is an untapped segment of the Alternative Assets Class (ACC), and the dVIN protocol is positioned to unify the $250B investment-grade wine asset class.

dVIN is backed by several well known partners in the cryptocurrency space and is looking to expand its partnerships to those rooted in the Solana and Jupiter ecosystems. We believe this expansion will allow for user growth and recognition of the incredible ecosystem offerings that have been built by our team of developers already and the features that are coming down the line.

Our key technical partners are:

Protokol is a specialist web3 partner, experts in Blockchain, DPP, NFTs, DeFi and more – sitting at the forefront of the industry.

Amazon Managed Blockchain is a group within AWS focused on blockchain solutions. dVIN is a preferred partner, and was profiled as a leading case study on stage at the London Blockchain Conference in May 2024.

Deloitte is the largest professional services provider for the wine industry with over 900 consultants active in the practice. dVIN is a preferred partner in both the wine and blockchain practices, and has partnered with Deloitte to integrate dVIN protocols and solutions into the wine industry.

RealVision - Major Partner

dVIN has a long-standing relationship with RealVision and founder Raoul Pal. Over the last few months we’ve held IRL events in Morocco, Singapore, Sydney and Spain, as well as bi-weekly virtual events and podcast interviews.

The Team

A powerhouse of talent with a combined 60 years of expertise and leadership in the wine and technology sectors.

David Garrett ( | Co-Founder

David Garrett is co-founder of dVIN Labs, leverages his extensive experience across technology, finance, and the wine industry to spearhead the innovative tokenization of luxury wine as Real-World Assets. His creative endeavors highlight wine culture and its craftsmen with film and television production that, bringing the nuanced world of wine closer to enthusiasts globally. Garrett’s career spans from crafting the U.S. Navy’s first intranet to establishing the trailblazing Vines of Mendoza project, culminating in his latest venture: bringing the $100B luxury wine industry onto the blockchain.

Lars Rensing ( | Co-Founder

Lars Rensing is a visionary entrepreneur and a pioneering force in the blockchain industry. Rensing’s journey in the blockchain space began with his role in launching the ARK token, where he demonstrated his exceptional skills in project management, strategic planning, and blockchain technology. His work with ARC provided him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of token economics, market dynamics, and the importance of community engagement.

Jana Kreilein ( | Co-Founder

Jana Kreilein, co-founder of dVIN Labs, stands at the forefront of wine, communication, and blockchain innovation, known globally as ‘’ for her engaging social media and storytelling skills. Her work extends beyond digital platforms, fostering a global community of wine aficionados and insiders, and pushing the boundaries of traditional wine investment. Kreilein’s entrepreneurial spirit and storytelling prowess have led her into new ventures in television and tourism, all while emphasizing blockchain’s transformative potential in wine. Her commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and community building underscores dVIN’s mission, positioning her as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of luxury wine.

Rodolfo Neirotti ( | Co-Founder.

Rodolfo Neirotti is co-founder of dVIN Labs, and has nearly 20 years senior executive experience in strategy and operations, management, technology and global procurement and supply chain. He previously built-up a start-up wine retailer into an industry leading, multi-unit boutique retail chain. Recognized for his thought leadership and focus on growth through technological innovation, Rodolfo has brought his proven record to bear for numerous high-profile, international ventures, combining deep industry knowledge, business strategy and vision.


dVIN Labs is poised to revolutionize the connection between winemakers and wine lovers by implementing a unique incentive system. By rewarding consumers with $VIN for their wine-related activities, including sharing consumption data and aiding in customer acquisition, this initiative aims to supercharge the engagement of wine enthusiasts.

Wine lovers earn $VIN by providing valuable feedback on their wine consumption experiences, such as when and where they consume individual wines. This data is crucial for winemakers to understand market trends and consumer preferences, enabling them to optimize their offerings and to distribute more effectively.

Additionally, consumers are incentivized to share personal data, facilitating direct communication channels between winemakers and consumers. This direct interaction not only benefits winemakers in understanding their market but also fosters a more personalized relationship between wine enthusiasts and brands.

dVIN Resources

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Telegram: @dvinlabs
Instagram: @dvinlabs

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Happy to see wine joining the RWA ecosystem, especially on Solana!

Excited to see what you have in the works for partnering with MadLads!


:eyes:So excited about this and looking forward to tomorrow’s J.U.P. Planetary Call! dVIN: RWA meets IRL :champagne::clinking_glasses::rocket:


If there’s an industry in urgent need of disruption, it’s the wine industry – especially in the luxury segment. This is going to be a ride to remember!


Excited to meet you guys! This is the segment of crypto I am most excited about. RWA’s on chain are going to unlock mass adoption for a lot of normies. Let’s open up a bottle of wine and celebrate!


If you like champagne - you are going to LOVE what we have in store for the Lads… Stay tuned!


LFG. Glad to see these projects jumping onboard the JUP train to make that GUM dream rolling🙌🏿


The RWA sector will be huge this bull cycle. LFG!


Brilliant idea! Incredibly excited to see more from the dVIN team. Solana will soon be home to the largest wine community on the planet!


nice idea, i have thinking some similar with music… we need something of DWA (digital world assets) redefining music industry where there are billions


I’m in - what’re you drinking? Wine investing for 100 years has been exclusive and cloistered. Go through the exercise of trying to invest $100k in investment-grade wine and you’ll see what I mean. No transparency in pricing, no liquidity, lots of stovepipe marketplaces, etc. Tokenization if done right could bring in a ton of liquidity - and from a new generation of investors.


Came here from the recent planetary call and I must say this is pretty interesting especially the data tracking element! Definitely interested to see the dynamics at play on VIN launch


Some interesting ideas talked about on the call today! Looking forward to seeing this develop


I don’t drink anymore, so a nice mocktail is the preferred cocktail these days haha! I am a huge collectibles guy and passionate about the idea of bringing these type of assets on chain. Democratizing access to such cloistered markets is one of the greatest use cases of blockchain tech, and the use case I am most passionate about! Thanks for the detailed breakdown on the planetary call, you do a great job of selling the vision, and can tell you are very passionate about wine and this opportunity!


Thanks! Chain-of-custody is important in a lot of asset classes - but maybe none so much as wine. Storing and transporting a bottle of wine correctly (temperature and humidity control) is critical, and there is no visible sign for the end consumer to know. A bad bottle that has been poorly stores looks just like a bottle that has been perfectly stored. Verifiable, immutable chain-of-custody is possible with a DePIN, and can be paid for with $VIN (coming soon!). The industry has been looking for this solution for 100 years - blockchain makes it possible.


LFG! Should we have a sub-category? RW(p)A - Real World Physical Assets?


Absolutely. Our core mission is to bring winemakers and wine lovers closer together. As part of that dVIN is laying the groundwork for winemakers to create their own authentic communities. I know that I enjoy wine a lot more when I have a connection to the winemaker and know their story. Wine is inherently something you share with family and friends - I think community is at its core.


I don’t enjoy wine…but I will REALLY enjoy watching and investing in this RWA project as it grows on the vine


It sounds like you’re going to do a special edition using the Mad Lads brand? As a holder, I’m curious to know more.


We have a couple low-alc and no-alc wine companies lined up to do pilots with us. Stay tuned!