Fluid Staking Tokens [FST] | Liquid ST + Solid ST

Wave goodbye to ordinary plant plans—forestSOuL’s first-ever real FLUIDITY protocol ensures real earnings and safeguards your investment while protecting natural forestscapes and threatened species.

Our SOuL 3mpire grows profitable forests by utilising Fluid Staking forestSOuL (fSOLf) Tokens in verifiable, decentralised forestSOuL (Tree Farming, forestSOuL Tree Nursery Establishment, forestSOuL Ecotourism, forestSOuL Real Estate and forestSOuL Arena and Bed and Breakfast), and DeSci operations, all while protecting existing forests and their biodiversity.

Powered and made possible by Solana only.

Fluid Staking, the regenerative innovation by m3gadivers3 3cosystems, offers both liquid staking, allowing users to retain co-ownership of their staked tokens while earning forestSOuL rewards, and solid staking, involving shares in transaction fee earnings to build the physical forestSOuL Empire (3mpire) utilising SL forestSOuL tokens. These earnings are either distributed to co-owners and co-managers or reinvested into solid stakes for more forestSOuL 3mpire programs.

You heard it right—you become a co-owner after swapping your asset! Because we’re fully decentralised. Not half, but full.

Simply swap your assets to forestSOuL, and you’re automatically enrolled in LST and SST. It’s that easy because we believe the crypto experience should be empowering, seamless, and enjoyable.

What’s even better is that your next cup of coffee or the avocado in your guacamole could come directly from your co-owned and co-managed food forestSOuL program.

How about a fully organic, safe, and animal-friendly agroforestry system for growing salads and vegetables?

Let say your Ylang-ylang essential oil, a non-timber forest product (NTFP), sourced for your favourite Chanel No. 5 perfume? You as a co-owner?!?

What if we can also sell comprehensive, robust and truthful forest and biodiversity data that is verifiable and for use by the government, private and scientific communities?

And perhaps create a royalty program for scientific publication using our own forestSOuL data as well?

Still on the fence? Picture your next celebration or community hackathon happening in your very own co-owned forestSOuL arena!"

Need more inspiration? Imagine the next Red Bull cycling exhibition taking place in our forestSOuL eXtreme park!

What if we also introduced the first-ever forestSOuL-integrated real estate? Imagine offsetting and even sequestering your greenhouse gas footprint before purchasing real estate, thanks to forestSOuL’s innovative estate design and programs.

These are only a few regenerative and fluid programs in forestSOuL.

Since we’re decentralised and inclusive, forestSOuL accepts contributions with NO MINIMUM. That’s right—we want everyone, whether they have fat or slim pockets, to be on board because together, we protect ourselves through our forestSOuL fluid projects. Additionally, our platform will accept fiat or cryptocurrency in the future, enabling more people to become community participants. After all, powered by Solana, we believe in communities taking regenerative actions and making them a reality.

As a fully decentralised co-ownership community we’re building here, forestSOuL operates as a DAO. Members conduct reviews, analyses, evaluations, and provide recommendations, turning them into evidence-driven actions integrated into our projects.

You protect us the moment you swap your assets, and together we safeguard each other—from initial planning through execution, evaluation, adjustments, and beyond, ensuring stability and fostering continued growth.


What is forestSOuL?

forestSOuL is a full-decentralised and transformative DeSci that introduces Fluid Staking (FS) Protocol, a merging of DeFi, DAO, and the real-world forestSOuL 3mpire, implementing both liquid and solid staking mechanisms. This protocol safeguards the stakes of co-owners and co-managers, pioneering a regenerative, transparent forest protection and way-of-living.

forestSOuL operates as regenerative ecosystems, aligning with our tagline at m3gadivers3 3cosystems: “redefining ecosystems on blockchain.” This reflects our commitment to using blockchain technology to innovate and improve ecological health, sustainability, and community engagement within natural environments.

Regenerative Ecosystems (RE) are natural or managed environments designed to actively restore, renew, and enhance ecological health and resilience over time. These systems go beyond sustainability by aiming to improve ecosystem functions, biodiversity, soil health, and water quality while mitigating environmental degradation and fostering long-term sustainability. They often incorporate practices like organic farming, permaculture, reforestation, and habitat restoration to achieve these goals.

What is the Liquid Staking Token (LST)?

forestSOuL (fSOL) represents the Liquid Staking Token (LST) provided to co-owners upon execution of the swap. This token facilitates participation in staking while maintaining liquidity, ensuring co-owners can engage in decentralised finance (DeFi) activities while supporting forestSOuL’s regenerative initiatives.

What is Solid Staking (SS) Token (SST)?

The forestSOuL 3mpire Equivalent (fSOL3) encompasses Solid Stake (SS) assets, supported by forestSOuL LST, which powers the fSOuL3 SST. Together, they constitute the Fluid Staking Token (FST), enabling flexibility across forestSOuL 3mpire programs such as forestSOuL Real Estate, forestSOuL Chanel No. 5, forestSOuL EcoTours, forestSOuL Arena, and more. SS derives from the transaction fees from the ecosystem activities such as buying, selling, trading, donating or voting.

Alternatively, co-owners may choose to contribute Solid Stake (SS) directly to the forestSOuL 3mpire if they prioritise strengthening utility over receiving fSOL LST in the initial stage. Co-owners who prefer to stake long-term—such as for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 74 months, or until maturity of the solid stake programs under the forestSOuL 3mpire—can benefit from this added flexibility.

What is Fluid Staking (FS) Token (FST)?

The forestSOuL fluid ST (FS) is a cryptocurrency staking process that enables token holders to maintain liquidity (fSOL), earn transaction fees (TF3), and loyalty rewards (SS3) while their staked assets wait for forestSOuL assets to grow and generate earnings. forestSOuLfluid (fSOLf) combines net forestSOuL, net forestSOuL3, and net TF3. By integrating SS through the forestSOuL 3mpire, the protocol further validates fluidity and further emphasises the need for fluidity, ensuring consistent yields despite external factors like market fluctuations or manipulation.

Problems forestSOuL FST address?

Our Fluid Staking protocol is designed to address challenges inherent in liquid staking (LS), continuously learning and adapting to effectively manage evolving and complex [market] situations.

By making co-owners’ assets fluid, FS helps mitigate the disadvantages of fSOuL, which include:

Introducing LSTs adds complexity to the already intricate DeFi landscape.

/Risk Exposure
LSTs provide liquidity but also expose users to risks in the broader DeFi market. High-risk protocols could result in loss of staked assets.

Some protocols require higher collateral for LSTs compared to traditional assets, reducing capital efficiency.

/Huge Price Discrepancy
The value of LSTs may not accurately reflect the underlying staked assets, creating potential price discrepancies and arbitrage opportunities.

FS’s fluid approach aims to enhance flexibility and efficiency, addressing these challenges within the liquid staking ecosystem.

forestSOuL believes that the key to onboarding billions, if not trillions, of people into empowering crypto experiences lies in offering rewarding and regenerative interactions that extend beyond the digital realm. By integrating these experiences into everyday interactions with natural ecosystems—our own home—we can create meaningful connections and foster widespread adoption in the crypto space. This approach not only enriches the crypto community but also promotes sustainability and cultivates a deeper connection to our environment.

forestSOuL FST value-added?

FST and forestSOuL add value through:

/Synchronous, Harmonious, and Integrative Power
Co-owners get to work together synergistically to achieve regenerative goals, ensuring alignment and efficiency in their efforts.

/Diversified Community and Program Ideas
With a diverse community comes a variety of program ideas, each subjected to rigorous review processes. This diversity fosters innovation and ensures that initiatives are well-rounded and inclusive.

How much is fSOL-f?

$1 at this stage.

What is the required minimum forestSOuL FST?

NO MINIMUM. forestSOuL is fully inclusive. This is forestSOuL Without Border.

Where will forestSOuL 3mpire be grown?

The forestSOuL 3mpire will be cultivated and expanded in strategic locations conducive to sustainable forestry practices and ecological stewardship. These are the m3gadivers3 countries namely, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, Philippines, China, Peru, Ecuador, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, United States of America, South Africa, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo. To pilot, the first forestSOuL 3mpire will be cultivated in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Why integrate DAO?

Crypto projects must embody full decentralisation, transformation, and transparency to empower and engage people authentically, fostering true community self-rewarding dynamics. This project must integrate a way-of-life ground business with actual product and services-fused-with-crypto business models to resonate deeply with users and stakeholders. Otherwise, it risks becoming another disconnected and irrelevant initiative within the crypto space.

As co-owners, can we move and vote for selling off the physical forestSOuL 3mpire?

Respectfully, the Community cannot consider selling the forestSOuL 3mpire because our primary goal here is to safeguard existing forests and wildlife while promoting responsible growth. Selling would contradict our community’s mission to establish a self-protecting, self-providing, and self-nurturing environment or space where both nature and community thrive together with those growing them as co-managers.

What is the future?

At m3gadivers3 3cosystems, we emphasise the beauty of meticulous, data-driven and holistic planning, even as we prepare to launch.

In ecosystems, it’s essential to recognize the integration of everything—nature and blockchain technologies alike. Just as forests are interconnected with land, water, oceans, and air, m3gadivers3 3cosystems will integrate FST into future blockchain and nature landscape-based programs seamlessly.

m3gadivers3 3cosystems is committed to creating a decentralised Circular Economy that captures recyclables and redirects them back to recyclers. This initiative aims to prevent these materials from entering natural ecosystems, thereby protecting individuals from potential exposure to micro and nano plastics in their food, bloodstream, and overall health.

m3gadivers3 envisions a range of interconnected programs aimed at tackling major global challenges collectively. This is our commitment to the Community of empowered co-owners and co-managers.

Contact Us

m3gadivers3 +639459719959



Better to explain clearly how future co-owners will benefit - release the math of great words.


@PPrime9 Thank you for the :heart: Hope the proposal details are clear???


Release in a few days @m3gatron_joe


Excited to see what you are prepping and cooking, intern.

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I honestly really love this not only because I am a big advocate too supporting any outdoor projects such as this as much as possible. I want to save as much rainforest, coral reefs, and agave else comes into that equation. Not only do we get to own a part of the company at the end but we also are able to be contributing in many ways. I’m all in.


I really like what you are aiming for, but the execution makes it really hard to grasp and get a tangible feeling for it. I mean I love eco routed projects, I am an advocate for many and let myself easily convince of nice green goals. Some deeper and “hopefully” comprehensive feedback.

The excessive use in the text of the terms “forestSOuL”, “3mpire” and “m3gadivers3” makes it really hard on the eyes and grasping concept over grammar, maybe it is just me, but it really feels hard to read.

An ecological project utilizing blockchain technology must prioritize clarity and precision in communication. Overly detailed texts that have slightly casual approach or go into personal hypotheticals can obscure core concepts, leading to confusion. Instead, concise math, clear tables, and verifiable details ensure transparency and facilitate trust. This approach allows potential investors and interested to grasp the fundamental mechanics and verify claims, which is crucial for credibility and effective engagement in the blockchain space.

Ecological blockchain projects require verifiable credentials and public figures with professional profiles, like LinkedIn, to establish legitimacy and foster trust. Unlike anonymous Telegram or Twitter profiles, these elements provide transparency, accountability, and a point of contact for investors to validate the project’s claims and intentions, which is essential for credibility and long-term success in the blockchain ecosystem.

The tricky part on such a project being new is that not all is perfect on day 1, but really it needs a little attempt at “corporate vision” and some of the eco goal aspects being more tangible.

The FAQ section could be shortened and toned down a bit (free AI can help summarize) and the initial segment at start needs a little less casual figures of speech but more concise details and text formatting.

Links, links, graphic, links, graphs, tables, links, links, links.

I hope you can get nice documentation up, because I would really love to see something like this foster and grow!


Nice thorough post m3gadivers3

Is this going to be a Sanctum LST?


Seems like you found the right, good project

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Great to know you’re on board and you literally summarizes our vision-mission.


Hi, @Merlin-M-Ostermann! Thank you for the comprehensive feedback. We are on most of these already. Our website which is about to get publicly released incorporates your suggestions. We can update the information in this proposal here soon too.


Yes, that’s included in the plan


That’s one avenue, I believe. There are more avenues as per the so called ‘Solid Stake’.

Great review. Appreciate much.

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Where will transparency regarding what our donations will be spent on be? a website?