Empowering and Growing the Core Catdets Community

Proposal: Empowering and Growing the Core Catdets Community

Hey, Catdets!

We know this is a bit of a read, so we’ve prepared a TLDR version of the proposal. If you’re keen to read more about what the proposal is about, feel free to continue reading!

Proposal TLDR:
1. One Person, One Card: Each individual gets a unique card representing their participation. Alternatively, CWG members can hold one and distribute StakedJUP to new Catdets during events, educating them about Jup governance, ASR rewards, and participating in the Jup ecosystem.

2. Dynamic UI Updates: Push updates to the web UI of the JupCards, such as notifications about ongoing governance votes, encouraging users to visit a specific URL (e.g., governance.joop.ag) to cast their vote.

3. Unique Parameters for Tracking: Attach a unique parameter to each card to track specific metrics. For example, for the Jup Team or CWG members, it allows them to track users’ performance by monitoring their voting activity and choices directly through the dashboard integrated with the NFC-enabled JupCards distributing StakedJUP.

Proposal Overview:

The goal of this proposal is to strengthen the DAO by growing and empowering the Catdets’ Core. We can achieve this by distributing StakedJUP to individuals who are new to the Solana ecosystem or have heard of Jupiter but have not yet participated in Jup Governance through DAO proposals.

By engaging with new catdets at event activations, we aim to build a robust and active catdets community by incentivising them to vote for DAO proposals and interact with Jupiter as a platform.

Purpose of Proposal:

To enhance the involvement and commitment of new catdets in the DAO, we aim to award them with StakedJUP. This initiative is expected to increase participation in DAO activities, from voting on proposals to LFG token launches. It will educate them about rewards and yield earning as they hold onto their StakedJUP and vote for DAO’s proposals, allowing them to become invested catdets in the Jupiter community.


Catdets have played a crucial role in voting on significant initiatives, such as LFG token launches and CWG proposals, shaping the DAO’s direction. Active community voting empowers members to influence governance, ensuring decisions are not solely made by the DAO’s Working Group and Jupiter Team.

Challenges Identified:

  • Lack of Engagement: Some Catdets do not read proposals thoroughly before voting.

  • Motivation by Incentives: Votes are sometimes cast merely to fulfill participation requirements or to gain potential rewards.

  • Limited Participation: Some community members do not vote because they either do not have their JUP staked or are not actively participating in the Catdets ecosystem.

Proposed Solution: JupCards (NFC Enabled)

To improve accessibility and encourage responsible participation, we propose the introduction of the JupCards. This initiative aims to increase both the number and quality of voter engagements.

What are JupCards?

A custom NFC-enabled card developed in collaboration with Monstre, designed to provide a more direct and engaging way for community members to participate in voting during events and online.

How It Works:

  • Distribution: Managed and held by the JUP team and CWG during community events.

  • Functionality: Each card holds a predetermined amount of StakedJUP, used within our ecosystem to vote on proposals.

  • Activation: Users tap the card against an NFC-enabled device to claim ~50 StakedJUP (tentative amount, TBD by the Jup Team/CWG).

  • Voting Rights: The staked JUP remains in the user’s account for six months, allowing them to vote on upcoming DAO proposals.

  • Incentives: Besides voting, holding StakedJUP qualifies the holder for yield/rewards. Active participants in the voting process are eligible for ASR rewards, distributed quarterly.


  • Enhance Community Engagement: Lower barriers to participation and provide a tangible way to influence DAO initiatives.

  • Promote Informed Voting: Encourage members to read and understand proposals thoroughly before voting.

  • Expand Community Impact: Increase the number of active participants, thereby strengthening the democratic process within the DAO.


By implementing the JupCards, we aim to foster a more engaged and informed community. This tool will not only make it easier for members to participate in governance but also encourage them to do so responsibly and thoughtfully.

Vote responsibly. Grow together. Strengthen our Catdets Community.

Background on Monstrè

Who is Monstrè and what are some of our past experiences?

Monstre is an onboarding software process that integrates NFC and blockchain technology to onboard users onto web3. Since late 2022, we have been building in the Solana ecosystem, powering many iconic events such as Breakpoint 2023, PlayGG, Solana HackerHouses, and BONK activations. For more information about Monstre and our activations, visit Monstre Activations.

Some of the activations that we have done within the Solana Ecosystem and the BONK team this year includes but not limited to the following:

  • Solana Events

    • Solana HackerHouse
    • Proof of Talk, Paris
    • Solana Summit, Malaysia
  • BONK

  • Bad Environment Club

    • Merch verification and rewards through embedded NFC interaction

Why are we confident that we can deliver?

We have successfully executed iconic activations with renowned teams in the Solana ecosystem. Our recent activation with the BONK team demonstrated our capability in onboarding more users into the ecosystem and integrating with various BONK initiatives like bonkdragon and bonkrewards.

We believe this technology can significantly contribute to growing the Catdets community by allowing new users to own staked JUP, vote on DAO proposals, and benefit from Jupiter, thereby enhancing community engagement and understanding.


Reading through this proposal, I don’t understand how distributing StakedJUP to individuals who wouldn’t normally purchase JUP or stake it would result in an increase in community engagement, or am I missing something? Simply because I can’t see how any individual who receives the token wouldn’t sell it or how this would increase their engagement.

I’m all for increasing the community and engagement of those involved, in addition to increasing incentives for those who are engaged. But I can’t see how simply distributing tokens will increase engagement and involvement. I would need to look more into this observe comments from other holders.


All good. Thank you for your feedback!

Our idea actually comes from lockedBONK via bonkrewards from our activations with the BONK team. LockedBONK is given out during solana events, solana side events, and BONK-specific event activations, allowing users to claim LockedBONK at events and continuously earn yield/rewards from their lockedBONK as they locked their BONK for 1months/3months/6months via BONK Rewards.

In this case, lockedBONK usually encourages people to hold BONK and reduces sell pressure.

We thought the same concept could be applied to JUP. However, since JUP doesn’t have a locked-up mechanism and only offers StakedJUP, we thought of distributing StakedJUP to new catdets. This would get them to vote on current proposals (if any) during events and educate them about their eligibility for ASR rewards, which should encourage more users to participate in voting with their StakedJUP.

Additionally, we plan to implement a dashboard/backend setting where the JUP team and CWG can monitor users/new catdets who has unstaked their JUP immediately after voting and who are the catdets that continues who continues to hold and vote with their StakedJUP.
ASR rewards can then be allocated accordingly with all these statistics in mind.