Draft Proposal: Introducting Reddit Working Group for Jupiter

Again i dont know why you would need a working group to post on reddit, you just need a moderator. If people want to post things they will do that for you.
I understand working groups to create tech/projects/usecases, but working groups for each individual social media platform? Isnt that to much? Also all these social media post groups running individual, sorry i see no sense in that.

I really hope it grows organically and not through some crazy cockamamy approach !

oh, what was the name that you reserved?

Perhaps a reddit name ‘officialjupiterexchange’ and is there a blue tick system or something (similar to x) on reddit? Also, a pinned message warning about copycat sites. Meanwhile, inform reddit about the bogus site. There’s lots that can be done I’m sure, and the membership numbers, together with the mods, announcements, quality of information and membership, plus reputation of some key members should push it to the top of any reddit searches quite quickly. Also, suggest adding a reddit link on the main jupiter site etc

Usually there is a process to become a Reddit mod. I would be interested in taking that step. It’s much easier and within my capabilities than developing