Draft Proposal for Bi-Weekly Jupiverse IRL Meetups

Objective: :thinking:

Our ultimate goal is to build a scalable model for Jupiverse :ringer_planet: IRL meetups that can be adopted globally :earth_africa:. With the support and input from all cadets on Jupiverse, we can create a compelling proposal that showcases the potential impact of these events. :rocket::sparkles:

Trial Phase: :test_tube:

The trial will run for 3 months in Nigeria, with two events every month, one in Abuja and the second in Port Harcourt, making a total of 6 events during the trial period. Both cities have vibrant crypto networks, making them ideal for our trial phase.

Action Plan: :military_helmet:

1. Team Setup: :people_hugging:

  • We have assembled a team of six dedicated members who will facilitate the events.
  • Each team member is well-grounded with information on Jup.eco and will educate our guests using this knowledge.

2. Event Focus: :nazar_amulet:

  • Educate attendees about the JupDAO, Jupiter Exchange, and the broader Jupiverse ecosystem.
  • Provide personalized, hands-on assistance to help attendees create wallets, understand security measures, and join the JupDAO Discord.
  • Build a tight-knit community of Jupiverse enthusiasts who are genuinely engaged and motivated to contribute.

3. Agenda: :clipboard:

  • Introduction to the Jupiverse, focusing on the Jupiter Exchange and JupDAO.
  • Education on common crypto terms and JUP-specific acronyms (ASR, J.U.P, J4J, JWG, POAP, PPP).
  • End the event by watching the Planetary Call together.

4. Budget: :moneybag:

  • Venue: 300 USDC per event
  • Merch for 35 people: 200 USDC (only top participants will receive merch based on engagement and joining the DAO)
  • Facilitator Compensation: 200 JUP per facilitator (6 facilitators per event)
  • Camera Crew: 300 USDC for photos and video edits
  • Flex Budget: 100 USDC
  • Entertainment: 10 USDC per person for 35 people (coffee/tea, water, and snacks) totaling 350 USDC

Total Budget Per Event: :moneybag:

  • Venue: 300 USDC
  • Merch: 200 USDC
  • Facilitator Compensation: 6 facilitators x 200 JUP
  • Camera Crew: 300 USDC
  • Flex Budget: 100 USDC
  • Entertainment: 350 USDC

Total per Event: :receipt:

  • USDC Expenses: 1,250 USDC
  • JUP Expenses: 1,200 JUP (6 facilitators x 200 JUP)

Grand Total for 3-Month Trial (6 events): :receipt:

  • USDC Expenses: 1,250 USDC/event x 6 events = 7,500 USDC
  • JUP Expenses: 1,200 JUP/event x 6 events = 7,200 JUP

Purpose of the Trial: :test_tube:
The trial phase aims to build a model that can be adopted and hopefully lead to creating a work group. By proving the concept in Abuja and Port Harcourt, we can gather data and feedback to refine our approach before considering expansion to other cities and countries. The long-term goal is to have cadets act as Jupiter ambassadors, running these events simultaneously across multiple cities.

Our Team: :people_hugging:

1. Orhange

A crypto degen with a very creative mind and two years of experience building on Solana. I have attended numerous crypto IRL events, spoken on various topics, and made connections with many enthusiasts and organizers. With six years of experience as a productivity engineer, I bring a wealth of knowledge in productivity tools and techniques, ensuring we can improve any system we implement.

2. Southen

A Dev💻, Content Creator, Ambassador for StepFinance and SBP game, building @huntersDAO_, and space cadet who believes in the future of SOLANA. She has shown incredible motivation and energy in refining this proposal. Her insights and quick adjustments have been invaluable.

4. Lansa

A Frontend Developer (React, Tailwind) and Blockchain enthusiast. A cadet with a solid interest in the Jup ecosystem, dedicated to making impacts and providing value to the community and ecosystem as a whole.

5. KingGrin:

Ambassador for YellowCard and Solana Allstars, Event Planning and Branding/Design Production, Founder of Tech 2 Earn, and a Space Cadet and full believer of the Solana Ecosystem. He has displayed exceptional skills in community management, marketing, sales, and event execution which will play a big role in upcoming IRL events.

4. Daniella:


A photographer📸, Content Creator, and writer, Ambassador for SBP_game, pioneer @huntersDAO_, and space cadet who believes in the future of JUPITER. She is ready to teach and spread the news about Jupiter and grow the community.

5. Danny Zat

A crypto enthusiast, freelancer, Content Creator, Ambassador for SBP game, building @huntersDAO_, and a cadet who believes the future begins now. By onboarding newbies into the Jupiter community and Solana Ecosystem, he aims to grow the community and ecosystem. With these forthcoming IRL events, he believes he would play a huge role in achieving that.

Our proposal is designed to be cost-effective while maximizing impact. We believe that our focused and hands-on approach will drive sustained engagement and participation in the Jupiverse, leading to a more vibrant and active community. With your support, we can make this trial a success and lay the groundwork for future expansion. We are confident that with your support, we can make a substantial impact.

J4J :black_cat::green_heart:

please i will like to hear all your thoughts on this. meow! “PPP, CEF”


Buddy, read through your stuff

Well put together fr, the bi-weekly would help make more peeps there to understand more of the jup eco

With you on this catdet🫡


This is well put together to scale with the progress of a trial.

I think there is a ton of room for evolution of such a propsal and of a work group responsible for it down the line

I think some more detail around the details of training would be beneficial to the current proposal. A little more depth in how this training would be rolled out.

The team size may also need a review - more details around the breakdown of the potential teams size positions to be filled and such.

So far really well written though I personally would love to run such an event in ireland.

Irelands economy is primarily service based yet there isnt a whole lot of exposure to crypto Communities like ours and meetups like these would drastically increase onboarding efficiency. The potential to discuss and review the product in person will also boost the rate of Community feedback massively.


This is wonderful, it’d be a grate way to on board newbies ino the eco system.


This is a very good event plan and would be a very good avenue to educate more Africans and Nigerian youths about JUP dex and thereby helping more young people interact better with Solana blockchain and Jupiter exchange


And also the DEGENs in other ecosystems


:ireland: you are the first to show interest from Ireland. Welcome, we would like to meet you on the discord.

  1. For training. It will be online. On jup.eco. i have not discussed this with the team but i will bring it up today. what i was thinking is it should be a small question and answer and if you pass it means you know enough of the ecosystem to be a facilitator
  2. For the team, what are your suggestions?

Sounds like a good plan, but to be honest there are already a few of these going on in Solana, Superteam meetups, Solana allstars MonkeDAO meetups and more, It would probably make more sense (and cost less to the dao) to simply sponsor one or more of these meetups who already have an established name and group of people working on this.


I attend all these meetups and i know the agenda there. Firstly solana allstars is responsible for onboarding the next billion solana users, not cadets. Solana superteam is looking to onboard new solana developers, not cadets.

I think the Jupiter vision is clear, J4J. A JWG is focused on growing the Jupiter community and thats what we aiming at.

These groups you mentioned already have enough partnerships with backpack, solflare, decaf etc. If we give them this gig they wont be focused.

Lastly what about PPP? What about the J4J mentality? Its all about helping fellow cadets succeed in their personal, professional and all other aspects of life.


IRL events are very important. This will make a very good work group


Based on your description of the events i still fail to see the difference with current events or what creating a new one would bring more. I dont see the difference between cadets and ambassadors from superteam or allstars. Maybe im missing something in the description though. Not a very expensive proposition in the end. But not sure the value it would bring to Jup or the DAO.


Thank you for your question and for taking the time to review our proposal. Let me address your concerns and highlight the unique value our IRL meetups will bring to the Jupiverse and the DAO.

  1. Differentiation from Current Events:
    While there are various crypto events and ambassador programs like Superteam or Allstars, our IRL meetups are specifically tailored to foster a deep and organic connection with the Jupiverse. Here’s how our approach differs:

    • Focused Agenda: Our events are designed to provide an in-depth education on the JupDAO, Jupiter Exchange, and the broader Jupiverse ecosystem. The focus is not on general Solana knowledge, but specifically on onboarding attendees to the Jupiverse.
    • Hands-On Guidance: We emphasize personalized, hands-on assistance. For example, we will help attendees create wallets, understand security measures, and join the JupDAO Discord. This level of individualized attention ensures that each attendee leaves with practical knowledge and a sense of belonging.
    • Community Building: By starting small and focusing on quality interactions, we aim to build a tight-knit community of Jupiverse enthusiasts who are genuinely engaged and motivated to contribute.
  2. Unique Role of Cadets:
    Cadets in our program will act as local ambassadors with a deep understanding of the Jupiverse. Unlike general ambassadors from other programs, our cadets will:

    • Host Regular Events: Facilitate bi-weekly meetups that maintain consistent engagement with the community.
    • Provide Ongoing Support: Serve as a continuous point of contact for new members, helping them navigate the ecosystem and stay active within the community.
    • Foster Local Networks: Build and nurture local crypto communities that are specifically aligned with the goals of the Jupiverse.
  3. Value to J.U.P and the DAO:

    • Increased Engagement: Regular IRL meetups will drive sustained engagement and participation in the Jupiverse, leading to a more vibrant and active community.
    • Targeted Onboarding: By focusing on quality onboarding experiences, we ensure that new members are well-informed and more likely to contribute meaningfully to the DAO.
    • Data and Feedback: The trial phase will provide valuable data and feedback on what works best for onboarding and engagement, helping to refine and optimize our approach for broader adoption.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness:
    Our proposal is designed to be cost-effective while maximizing impact. The budget is carefully planned to cover essential expenses, ensuring that each dollar spent contributes directly to building and strengthening the community.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that both Superteam and Allstars are under the Solana Foundation, yet they operate separately with their own distinct IRL events. This raises an important question: Why did the Solana Foundation not merge these events, despite both being IRL initiatives? This suggests that even within a unified ecosystem, there is value in having diverse and specialized approaches to community engagement.

While the concept of IRL meetups and ambassador programs is not new, our tailored approach, focused on the Jupiverse and delivered through well-prepared cadets, sets us apart. We believe that this targeted strategy will bring significant value to the J.U.P and the JUPDAO by creating a dedicated and engaged community.

Thank you for your consideration. We are confident that with your support, we can make a substantial impact. Hope you will be at the Weekly CWG office hours come Monday so we can discuss further.


Word!, we not just out for the Solana community at large we here for catdet!!


It’s important to note that a deliberate and strategic implementation of IRL initiative can help to create a more sustainable ecosystem by bringing more active user into the JUP ecosystem thereby making Jupiter Exchange a GO-TO Dex on the Solana blockchain


I see your point.

This is not being done from the point of view of bringing users to Solana.

This doesn’t claim to achieve and increase in developer Interest.

This is to onboard more every day regular users to Jupiter community specifically Spreading the message not just of the product and not just of the Road map or ASR, but to spread the PPP,CEF and J4J message!

Your main focus is community adoption and participation, which will subsequently increase all other faucets of the Jupiter Ecosystems mentioned above.

Beautiful! J4J!


It seems an answer to the team question wasn’t needed in the end you seem to have cleaned up the structure with the new team listing. This is perfect now for trial in my opinion and can serve as a good evaluation of future Ambassador Events such as these!


All of it sounds like a great starting point in the right direction. Looking forward to the final draft & proposal. What locations will these IRL meetups take place?


Thank you for the support! :raised_hands: We’re looking forward to refining our proposal with feedback, starting from today’s CWG office hours. The trial phase will have IRL meetups in Nigeria, specifically in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Both cities have vibrant crypto networks, making them ideal for our initial events. Stay tuned for the final draft! :rocket::sparkles:


This is really exciting. Doesn’t matter if the proposal is supported or not we should definitely have meetups organized by catdets. It also sounds like a great opportunity to onboard other crypto enthusiasts. Will come out to whatever states you guys meet in and help in any way I can.


Awesome thanks :pray: for the fast feedback glad to hear the expansion is starting in well established crypto countries :call_me_hand::partying_face:

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