DCA or limit order exact date/time/% for buy/sell

I’ve used the DCA/limit order feature on JUP and although it is good, i’m wondering if it would be possible to create a feature whereby you can choose an exact date/time to buy/sell on a recurring basis or same function with a limit order, and be able to chose the % of a certain token you want to sell at an exact time (Eg. 5% of said token on the 15th of every month… or 5% on dec, 10% on jan 15, skip feb etc… ) This would be a great way have sell/buy orders planned if you’re wanting to stick to a profit taking strategy etc.
Would be interested to know if this is possible and/or something which people would find as useful as me.



This is a great idea and would certainly create a more robust DCA product…IMO

However, I realize the implementation of said feature, is probably much easier said than done.:wink:


onchain SIP, sounds good.


its possible. I will be open sourcing a solution for the community soon.


I like that idea @user38001481

However, from a technical perspective, wouldn’t there be a problem with front-running / sandwiching said transactions?

The reason I’m asking is that as far as I know, there is a jitter for buying “every day” or “every hour” so that such things can’t happen (or at least less often / with lower probability).

Any technical person who knows more about this?