Coinhall x Jupiter Integration

About Coinhall

An Omnichain Trading Terminal on Solana.

Coinhall is the leading Omnichain Trading Terminal, offering a seamless and performant trading platform for same-chain swaps and cross-chain swaps.

Users can:

  1. Perform same chain swaps on 14 Pro chains that are supported, including Solana, which is powered by Jupiter underneath.

  2. Have a consolidated view of tokens and pools with Markets (what’s trending, marketcap, price change, etc) and add them to a Watchlist.

  3. Access real-time TradingView charts of tokens to analyse price trends.

  4. View your portfolio balance of all tokens in USD and track trades using the address filter.

  5. Set price alerts on Solana and receive alerts on Telegram.

  6. Check eligibility and claim rewards for onchain campaigns run by other projects.

About Team

We’re a team of 14 — of which 11 are full-time engineers. We’ve been in the space and building Coinhall on 13 other chains since 2021, which facilitated more than $2.5B of trading volume and have built a strong community of onchain traders.

Outward-facing folks:

Our Vision

Coinhall was birthed to provide timely, accessible, and human-readable information to users, facilitating users to make informed trading decisions on our platform. We’ve built features and tools to mirror an ecommerce experience where users continuously gain access to more assets and with 1-click global payment methods.

Everything we built and are building must move the needle to solve liquidity, onboarding, and attention fragmentation within the web3 space. As an aggregator, we are abstracting complex layers by pooling liquidity across multiple sources and providing an intuitive interface for users to interact. At the core, we want to build good consumer applications that tap on onchain economies across different verticals.

Coinhall aims to work more closely with Solana projects to explore integrations especially to serve more Solana users. We plan to bring Genie, our onchain campaign creator, to Solana for projects to easily activate and reward their communities.