Buyback JUP and then Burn Jup from 50% fees Platform

Salam to All People :full_moon_with_face:

I know that the Jupiter community is the best among all… The Team and Founders are very kind to us as a community for the airdrop… :droplet:

What I want to convey in this discussion is that We want the Team and Founders to buy Jup tokens on the Market using 50% of the Platform’s income JUP then burns the proceeds from the purchase. This will have a big impact on the future of Jupiter and the community. :sparkles::gem:

We are with Jupiter :heart:


Burning in my opinion has its benefits and its place. Burning transaction fees for example is beneficial and it’s kind of like a benefit given back to investors for using a network. It’s a natural way to curb inflation. The deflation that we see is caused by healthy use of the network. eth is an example
To burn down the house is artificial and a cheap way to cut a corner.
JUP is top notch across the board and the agenda should be focused always on building a superior product.
This will be our gold.To focus on price of the token first is not something i’m interested in. Build it and it will come. LFG!

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