ASR (Active Staking Rewards) Methodology

Agree that a minimum vote should be introduced. I think 50 is too high, only because after looking at the numbers half of all JUP stakers have less than 10 JUP.
Given crypto was introduced as a product to help the unbanked and those who come from incredibly poor jurisdictions across the world you could be removing a lot of honest voters who deserve an allocation.
I think for the next ASR the cut off should be analysed closer to the vote but should try to include as many real users as possible. Median JUP stake is around 4 which is very low due to lots of voters trying to sybil.


This take is counter intuitive to myself as I hold and stake tens of thousands of JUP but I have onboarded many individuals in the community that have only been able to stake small amounts (larger than 10) of JUP so that they can participate in the vote.
Great methodology regardless! Thanks


Where do you see or claim your tokens please thank you. I’ve had tokens staked for months and participated in 7 votes.

the site to claim is Vote | Jupiter

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So how do we claim the ASR rewards for March and June??

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@sodiqolufemi, you can claim here Vote | Jupiter